Profiting when Insiders Trade at Extremes in Stock Prices – Part 2

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Traders seeking an edge are always keeping an eye out for interesting insider trading activity in a particular stock. Taking this a step further, there are certain characteristics that can be identified to really “kick” things up a notch. In this second episode, we’ll be discussing a few more setups to watch out for, as well provide a few more examples. Stocks mentioned: NASD:TRGL, NYSE:LUK

Another good time to watch for insider trades to occur is near all-time lows, or at least 12-month lows if that’s what comes up. This can be really powerful if it occurs after a huge panic drop in price, especially in a stock that already had a high level of short interest building up. The combination of the final panic-sell off (increasing short interest even further), along with sizeable insider purchases at those levels, is a perfect setup to potentially drive prices much higher. Toreador Resources (NASD:TRGL – an oil exploration company) is a great example of this, having recently panic traded down to about $12.50 from a high of over $29/share. Several days after TRGL hit its low on HUGE volume (almost 5x normal), director William Lee bought 100,000 shares at $13.63/share. Before the move, TRGL was already showing a 14%+ short interest. Even better, the stock’s float is a mere 13 million shares! Interestingly enough, the purchase caused little immediate reaction. However, several days later TRGL exploded higher, hitting $17.40 before pulling back!

Our final example in this two part series is Leucadia National (NYSE:LUK), which has been described as a “mini Berkshire Hathaway” but with an even better track record (its average annual return – so far – is currently over 22%). So when LUK’s Chairman Ian Cumming bought another 100,000 shares at $34.57 on May 23rd, near all-time highs, it certainly made a strong statement about his future outlook for the company. Tack on the nearly 5% short interest in the stock that could take over 5 days to completely cover based on LUK’s average daily volume, and at least a few shorts are bound to be rather disappointed as they find themselves caught with their pants down.

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