MF Global – Trillions in Bailouts, Loads of New Regulations, yet nothing has changed

(TheMarketTicker) “.. there’s really nothing more-serious than grabbing client funds internally, and it appears to have happened in the case of MF Global…  It’s black-letter wrong, and The ‘mainstream media’ outlets this morning are talking about this being a “risk management” issue. Nonsense. This is a trust issue and Corzine is a former Goldman guy and the former governor of New Jersey.”

“But this much we do know: This is not an issue of a firm that allegedly broke every rule in the book when it comes to the sanctity of customer funds. Rather it is a story of utterly failed regulation and oversight that continues four years after the collapse that initiated in 2007. It is the story of willful and intentional blindness by our government and the instrumentalities within it that are supposed to prevent this sort of crap from happening.”

Let us remember that MF Global was just added to the primary dealer list in 2010! The bankruptcy does raise questions, however, about how the Fed picks the primary dealers — especially since MF Global was one of four firms added to the ranks after new, more stringent requirements were put in effect in 2010.”

“I have to ask: Was that a political addition and where in the hell were the examiners that are supposed to be paying attention to what these firms are doing? If this is the result of “more-stringent” requirements can someone tell me why I should believe that any of the other Primary Dealers are in fact solvent and why I should not believe that they’re all doing the same thing?

This is the continuing story, as I lay out in Leverage, of “two worlds” where one has the rule of law (you and I) enforced, where robbing a bank gets you a nice long prison sentence and some cops looking for bank robbers to stop them while in the other, inhabited by politically-connected and powerful men and women you can pretty much do anything you damn well please and nothing happens to you — in fact, you get rewarded with calls from The President of the United States and pick the pockets of the public with essential impunity.

“There are no checks and balances and the banksters wield their briefcases like John Dillinger wielded his tommy gun.  There has been no reform since 2008.  Dodd-Frank was a joke, Glass-Steagall was not put back in place, and there was no prosecution of those who did wrong.


And now we have another collapse that appears to show that there is no regulation, there is no oversight and nobody in the government gives a damn when one of the primary dealers that the government charges with making an orderly market in Treasuries appears to have co-mingled more than half a billion in customer funds with their own trading book.”

Full Story: Can You Survive It Being Over? (TheMarketTicker)

Amazingly, the media has been parroting as to how MF Global proves that the Frank-Dodd bill actually worked!

(Mish) “In spite of that background, (or do I mean because of it), MF Global thought Corzine was a perfect fit. Indeed, those looking for reckless behavior, massive risk taking, and willingness to bet the farm on marriage, in politics, and in life, Corzine represented rare ‘impossible to pass up’ talent.

Full Story: Regulators Investigate MF Global for Missing Customer Money; MF Global Goes Bankrupt Before Making 1st Interest Payment; Corzine’s Achievement Sheet (Mish)

(Bloomberg) “The Volcker rule, as written in the Dodd Frank Act, had ‘so many different exemptions and exceptions and loopholes that it almost became nearly impossible for the regulators to fashion a rule that can live up to its original intent,’ said Barofsky, a Bloomberg Television contributing editor.”

Full Story: MF Exposes Risk Volcker Wants to Curb (Bloomberg)


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