Jon Stewart on Jon Corzine and MF Global, “The Walking Debt”

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(JonStewart) “Politician Jon Corzine saw Lehman Brothers as a cautionary tale; financial firm honcho Jon Corzine saw it as a dare.”

I don’t always agree with Jon Stewart, but he’s pretty much got it right on the money on this one…

(TheMarketTicker) “Let us remember that MF Global was just added to the primary dealer list in 2010! The bankruptcy does raise questions, however, about how the Fed picks the primary dealers — especially since MF Global was one of four firms added to the ranks after new, more stringent requirements were put in effect in 2010.”

Full Story: MF Global – Trillions in Bailouts, Loads of New Regulations, yet nothing has changed (vlogolution)

(PeterBrandt) “The media is missing the real story in the sad saga of MF Global. The story is not the big bet in Europe by MF Global that went south. The story is not the risk-taking ways of Jon Corzine.

The real story is the ineptness of federal regulators (so, what’s new). The real story is that speculators may end up holding an empty bag right under the noses of the U.S. government regulators responsible for their protection. The present administration appears unwilling to step up to the plate. The Obama administration bailed out AIG, Deutsche Bank, Fannie, Freddie and a whole bunch of other crooks along the way. But when it comes to protecting the integrity of futures markets, the powers that be (or should be) are MIA.

If segregated account holders of MF Global are stiffed it will be the end of market integrity as we know it. Free market lovers everywhere, do NOT under-emphasize the importance of this matter. The MF Global situation could be the leak in the dike that will flood the financial system as we know it. If segregated account holders in a federally regulated market are not protected, what is next?

Full Story: Futures traders: Be concerned, be very concerned (PeterBrandt)

(PeterBrandt) “Futures markets and futures commission merchants (FCMs) are supposed to be highly regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). If MF Global’s seg customers are not fully protected, it would be the equivalent of, let’s say, depositors of Chase bank or customers of Fidelity not being protected.

The failure of MF Global’s segregated account to be made whole would be the biggest financial disaster since 1929 and would spell the end of the futures industry as we know it. Folks in the financial industry should take this matter seriously — very seriously. Do not underestimate the importance of this matter.”

Full Story: MF Global — 2011′s version of 1929 (PeterBrandt)


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