How to Make a FLIRTINI Cocktail!

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In this episode you’ll learn how to make to make a bubbly Flirtini cocktail.  Like a naughty flirt, this sweet concoction is sure to tease that special someone into wanting MORE!  Since your and your frisky lil’ friend will be thirsting for a Flirtini, it’s a good thing that this Sex and the City cocktail recipe calls for just three main ingredients; vodka, pineapple juice and champagne or sparkling wine.

It’s believed that pineapple juice has the ability to sweeten a man’s love life.  However, this is most likely a sexual urban legend – just Google “pineapple juice myth” to find out more.  What is certain, is that pineapples are an excellent source of Vitamins C & B6 as well as the mineral manganese.  Pineapple also contains a nifty enzyme called bromelain.  Bromelain is said to be a natural anti-inflammatory, pain reducer and digestive aid.  So, if you happen to have too much curry on your next hot date, cracking open a can of pineapple juice may be just what the (love) doctor ordered.  Ah, gotta love beverages with benefits!

Sophisticates who “Love The City Life” won’t want to miss watching how to make a Cosmopolitan.

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