How to Make a BP OIL SPILL Cocktail!

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In this episode, you’ll learn how to make to make the World’s Most Crude Cocktail, a BP Oil Spill!  This Naughty Tipple ain’t your Grandpa’s Texas Tea!  A BP Oil Spill Cocktail is a rich source of liquid man-made materials.  To start, pour two ounces of a surprise spirit of your choosing.  Follow up with an ounce each of blue curaçao, melon liqueur and fresh lime juice.  But wait, that’s not all!  Pollute by adding a splash or a dash of the following contaminates;  soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, olive oil and aromatic bitters.  Get down ‘n dirty by garnishing with chocolate syrup, fish-shaped candy and a festive cocktail parasol.  Here’s a tip – don’t contain your excitement or spillage while creating a BP Oil Spill.  Have fun making a big mess and worry about the cleanup later.  And remember, a slick host or hostess always serves a drink with a napkin and a smile!

This beverage has benefits thanks to savory sardines and black olives as garnish alternatives.  They’re both a good source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.  Canned sardines are also an excellent source of protein, niacin, calcium, Vitamins D and B-12 and cholesterol.  However, heed caution and don’t allow this BP Oil Spill to fuel you.  This tipple’s toxicity levels are off the charts and imbibing too may be hazardous to your health.  Click here to watch a sexy and aerobic Hangover Cure to remedy your inebriation.

All kidding aside, the BP (or Deepwater Horizon) Oil Spill is a colossal ecological disaster.  However, on average, there are 2,600 oil spills each year worldwide.  Hair, fur, feathers and fleece clippings are absorbent, renewable natural fibers that are used to create containment booms for oil pollution clean-up.  The next time you or your pet gets a trim, consider donating the clippings to a Matteroftrust.org.  Not only is it a simple environmental solution, it’s also SIMPLE for YOU to make your charitable contribution.  Woot for double wins!

So, tilt back your glass and celebrate the capped well with this filthy lil’ Mocktail bottoms up before Tropical Storm Bonnie blows over!  Oh, and don’t forget your manners.  Be sure to share this recipe with friends!

If you swoon over  a sweet and playful tease then this bubbly Flirtini is for you!  Sophisticates will want to sip this sweet ‘n sassy Park Avenue Princess wine cocktail.  Stay tuned for the Naughty Tipples I’ll be serving up soon – an Eclipse cocktail and why I’m Hot for Hops!

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Music by Dabra “Madrugada” (Daniel_s_remix) and “Cidade Sol”, Loveshadow “We R 1″ , FuriousStereo “Rainha do Sol Remix” and kcentric “Desaprendere” (featuring Silvia O. Silky Jazz Mix) via http://www.ccmixter.org. Photo Credits: Kim Betton / U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.



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