How to Make a CLASSIC MARGARITA Cocktail

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In this episode, you’ll learn how to make to make a Classic Margarita that’s as easy as uno, dos, tres!  The best ‘rita is one that’s fresh and uses top quality ingredients like silver tequila (100% agave), orange liqueur (such as Patron Citrónge or Cointreau),  freshly squeezed lime juice, sea salt flakes and a dash of blue agave nectar.  And you won’t sweat the calories in this tequila cocktail.  This Skinny (ish) Margarita weighs in at about 200 calories per serving.  And if you’re really concerned about your caloric intake just tweak the ratio (more lime juice, less liqueur) to your liking.  So mi amigo, toss that store bought margarita mix and get shakin’ and sippin’ this Labor Day weekend!

This is the first video tutorial in the Margarita Madness lineup.  The Naughty Tipples that will be served next include a Prickly “Tuna” (Cactus Pear) Margarita, a Jalapeño Cucumber ‘rita, a Weeds Margarito / Mojito-rita and a Lazy Girl Margarita.

If you missed the previous video you’ll want to tune in now to watch how to make an Eclipse Cocktail.
FYI:  This celestial gin libation isn’t limited to space geeks and Twilight Saga freaks!

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