SNOOKI’S NAUGHTY PICKLE MARTINI! A New Cocktail for Jersey Shore Season 3!

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Jersey Shore starlet Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi certainly has a thing for pickles.  In this episode, we’ll shake up a temptingly tart(e) tipple that you’re shore to relish - a Naughty Pickle Martini (vodka, dry vermouth, pickle juice/brine, gherkin or dill garnish).  This sweet ‘n sauer, cornichon cocktail is so ****ing easy to make you won’t even break an acrylic nail over it.  Get filthy!!!

If guidos and gherkins have wet your palette, you’ll also wanna peep this Ron Ron Juice video.  Enjoy this B&T beverage for the thirsty gorilla juicehead in ya!

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Music by DJ Guido “Dirty Weekend (Stump the Bass Mix)”, “The Pharmacy in My Head” and “Deflated”, Loveshadow “We R 1″ and FuriousStereo “Rainha do Sol Remix” and kcentric “Desaprendere” via http://www.ccmixter.org.



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