About HotRoast

HotRoast” — Think you can handle this hot, steamy brew? “HotRoast“, co-produced, written and hosted by Michelle Renee Coudon, is a witty web series filmed in the heart of Manhattan. “HotRoast” is a caffeinated blend of news, views, and zany parodies you’ve gotta watch from a distinctive and totally biased perspective. Get your fresh fix of “HotRoast” now!

Naughty Tipples with Michelle Coudon is Sexy, Frisky and Fun-Spirited! This interactive web series serves up both fun and easy do-it-yourself cocktails along with a side of saucy skits, frisky facts and more.

vlogolution is a new, hip video blog network bringing you clever, informative, and unique video and blog content.

How is vlogolution a driving force for global betterment? Okay, so the question just sounded cool! We won’t be so bold as to claim that vlogolution is a driving force for the betterment of the global community. However, we do expect that by creating informing, enlightening, thought-provoking and entertaining content we will contribute both smiles and knowledge to millions of viewers worldwide.

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