Oops Britney Did It Again Part II, Mel Gibson, Own a Piece of The World, Exclusive Britney & K-Fed Footage (Spoof)

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Oops…Britney Did It Again : Mel Gibson Likes “Sugar Tits” : Own a Piece of The World : Exclusive (spoof) Britney Spears & Kevin Federline Home Video Footage.

Oops… Britney Did It Again Part II

First was Britney and K-Fed’s painful to watch reality show “Chaotic”. Then came the now infamous Britney Spears Dateline interview. Now for your viewing pleasure, a recently released video clip confirms that there’s more living proof (like we needed it) that Britney Spears is a junk food eating, lunatic redneck with a profound love for “Back to the Future”.

Note Brit’s belching, moaning and bizarre body language. Even more shocking is that Kevin Federline sounds like he’s the intellectual superior of the two. The only thing missing is a big, greasy bucket of KFC and a bottle of hot sauce.

I’m really looking forward to Britney’s next disgrace like a bondage home sex video. My vote is for Jaime Pressly to play Britney Spears for a biopic mini-series.

To boost your self-esteem follow the link for the video:

THE ORIGINAL: Britney Spears acting very strange or STONED

Mel Gibson Likes “Sugar Tits”

I wasn’t going to bother touching on this subject because so much has been said of Mel Gibson’s anti-Semitic remarks. Plus being a lush isn’t funny yet being a really sh*tty spokesperson for the Catholic Church is.

Alcoholism is a painful disease that affects not just the addict but also the people closest to them. But per suggestion, I certainly couldn’t give up the opportunity to dish about “sugar tits”.

Ok, for those of you who don’t know everything Gibson blurted out during his drunken rampage he reportedly yelled the following to a female police sergeant “What do you think you’re looking at, sugar tits?”.

It’s amazing that the focus of Mel’s fall from grace has been mostly of bigoted remarks made towards those who practice Judaism. Gossip columns have certainly made reference to the “sugar tits” comment but have skirted the issue so to speak. Considering more than half of the American population is female that derogatory comment should be causing more of a stir.

And it makes you wonder, if Mel had replaced “Jews” with “Muslims” would anyone have cared?

Own a Piece of The World

Have you ever dreamt of world domination? And say a nice piece of waterfront property, like Australia? Or maybe you would prefer Brazil or Greenland. After all, having just your own private island is so passé. Now you can own your very own piece of The World.

Sheik Mo, the Crown Prince of Dubai came up with a crazy and ingenious way to expand luxury waterfront property in Dubai. Nakheel LLC is developing the largest man-made archipelago comprised of 300 islands shaped to represent the seven continents of the globe. In fact, it’s so large that it’s visible to the naked eye from space! Prices range from $10 – $45 million dollars.

The World – Dubai

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  • These two are so friggin’ hot. And so well informed. Are they a power couple or colleagues that just happen to have incredible on screen chemistry? This does not mean I’m letting go of my girl here dissn’ Jaime Pressly like that! I mean, c’mon Michelle, you’ve got a cool vlog but, well, I hate to be the one to tell you but Jaime’s got her own show! You know nothing says envy like some punk a** chick shlaggin’ a fine girl like Jaime Pressly just for being successful! Anyway, I wonder if they swing…

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