Lonelygirl15: For Real or a Real Fake? – Irritating Celebrity Baby Names – $1 Million Dollar Cell Phone

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Lonelygirl15: For Real or a Real Fake? – Another Seriously Irritating Celebrity Baby Name – $1 Million Dollar Cell Phone

Lonelygirl15: For Real or a Real Fake?

There has been much speculation online and in the printed press for the past month of whether or not the Youtube sweetheart, Lonelygirl15, a.k.a. Bree is the actual lonely sixteen-year-old girl she claims to be or a hired actress.

The L.A. Times released an article September 9th, stating that the team behind the Lonelygirl15 phenomenon has come forward and they are thanking fans for tuning into the show. Also according to the article, the Creative Artists Agency has been linked in association to the official Lonelygirl15 MySpace page.

Whether or not she was for real or a fake doesn’t change the fact that people are posting videos on the internet as a form of exposure. Sure, many are posting because they want to share their opinions, thoughts or just strange footage. Even so, I don’t think anyone would be complaining much if the media started to take notice.

L.A. Times Source Article
TMZ Source Article

Another Seriously Irritating Celebrity Baby Name

Yes, there’s another seriously irritatingly dumb celebrity baby name announcement. Britney Spears, who you know I love to talk trash about, has announced to the media (probably as a safeguard in case she should forget) that she’s naming her expecting baby girl Jailynn.

Jailynn — sounds kinda cute, right? Britney told the press that Jailynn seemed apropos for her baby because her father’s name is Jaime and her mother’s name is Lynn and her little sister is named Jaime Lynn. At least Former Heavyweight Boxer George Foreman has an excuse for naming his children George. He was pounded in the noggin’ time and time again.

I’m not the only bitch ragging on Britney. Here are just a few blogger thoughts out of many on the name Jailynn. One blogger commented that she would have probably named the baby Britney but luckily she remembered that’s her name. Another claims that Jailynn is Native American (doesn’t specify nation and/or tribe) for Dances with White Trash. And lastly, instead of Jailynn why not Lamie? I think me likey Lamie the best! Considering Baby Jailynn’s mother was a teenaged Pop Lolita I can only predict what her teenaged nickname might aptly be: Jailbait.

To top off the idiotic name Britney has chosen to have a scheduled caesarean on the same day that Sean Preston was born – September 14th. Wow, the poor kid doesn’t have a unique name and now she can’t even have her own damn birthday. Talk about hand-me-downs!

NY Daily Times Source Article

$1 Million Dollar Cell Phone

My grandmother told me as a little girl the way to man’s heart is through his stomach. And other places but I discovered that later on my own. For us material girls diamonds are undoubtedly a courtship gift of choice. Or just for the hell of it. After all, the Victoria’s Secret Million Dollar Bra and Panty set wouldn’t look complete without a 1 Million Dollar Cell phone, now would it?

Swiss Luxury Communications Company (whatever the fuck that means), Goldvish holds the Guiness Book of World Records for the most expensive and most exclusive luxury cell phone worldwide. So what do you get for the mil? According to designer Emmanuel Gueit, a blinding 120 carats worth of VVS-1 grade diamonds as well as amenities such as Bluetooth, a camera with 8x digital zoom, MP3 playback, FM radio, a 2GB memory card and an EDGE connection.

Can’t afford the million dollar one? You can snatch up a lower-end Goldvish model starting at a much more reasonable $25,600.

Goldvish Website

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