The Hans Von Schtrudel EXCLUSIVE Celeb Interview

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Hans Von Schtrudel’s exclusive celebrity spoof interview featuring the eccentrically lovely Michelle Renee speaking to her many fans.
This is a response vid to my haters out there! Well, like they say “Any publicity is good publicity”…

(Partial Transcript)

Hans: Thank you Michelle for taking the time to speak with me here today…

Michelle: Oh, not a problem. The pleasure is all mine. And I should be the one thanking you…

Hans: Michelle, you have an online show “HotRoast” that you’ve been producing since February, you took on another project with, Heavy’s Angels in September and you’ve gotten quite a bit of attention from the content you’ve been publishing online…

Michelle: Yes, I have…

Hans: Do you think the attention both negative and positive is helping you to leverage your visibility online?

Michelle: Well, like they say “Any publicity is good publicity”. I think that’s a motto that most of young Hollywood holds true to their careers. Why shouldn’t it apply the same to people working in new media.

Hans: I’m assuming you’ve seen some of the videos people have made of you. Parodies of your now infamous bubble bath video to name a few…

Michelle: Yes, I have.

Hans: What are your thoughts?

Michelle: I think that imitation is the highest form of flattery. I mean, if someone is actually going to take the time to make a video about you or in reference to you it doesn’t matter if the context is negative of positive. I’m grateful to those who have taken the time to make those videos, use their creativity and ultimately in the end it just creates more interest in me.

Hans: In other words you’re saying it fuels the fire?

Michelle: Exactly, it creates more buzz.

Hans: I noticed that a lot of the comments posted by your competitors seem to reveal more about themselves than you. Do you have any comments on this?

Michelle: I’m a diplomat. So, I’ll have to say “No comment”. But I would like to say to those who have been publishing things, thanks, Love Ya – yeah – LOVE YA!

Hans: Michelle, but I must say that the gentlemen don’t seem to complaining!

Michelle: Oh, no no no. They think less is more when it comes to attire. But I’m not that type of girl. I just like to tease a bit.

Hans: Oh really, so what’s your favorite teasing positions?

Michelle: My teasing positions?

Hans: You said you like to tease…!

Michelle: Oh well that might be like something like this… Look at these biceps! I like your tootsies.

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