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Have you been told that you look like a famous celebrity? Now you can put those brownnosers’ compliments or backhanded insults to test with MyHeritage.com’s Celebrity Face Recognition. Music “Babbette” by Fundamental.

We live in a celebrity obsessed society. Most people have had this experience: You meet a stranger, perhaps at a party, they exchange small talk which might include, “You know who you remind me of?”. And you think to yourself, “Oh great, who’s it going to be this time?”. And they continue, “You’re like a mix between Yada Yada and So-and-So in looks and Somebody Another’s personality.” And while their talking and politely trying to flatter you you’re thinking “Oh, f*cking great! I look like Yada Yada and So-and-So and act like that?! WTF?!” I can’t wait until one day when someone says, “You know who you look like…and they say your name.�? ”

Okay, so maybe that’s just my scenario and your “You Know Who You Like” experiences have been peachy keen!

Well, now you can put all those brownnosers’ compliments or backhanded insults to the test. A website I came across, MyHeritage.com, has this super fly Celebrity Face Recognition feature. They’ve created a ranked list of the world’s top 4,000 celebrities in the past two centuries. You simply browse for an image of yourself, select “run the face recognition” and wait for it match your facial features with the celebrity faces in their database.

The four celebrities I’m usually told I look like have been Liv Tyler, Monica Bellucci, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Kate Beckinsale. So, I’m gonna upload a pic of myself and find out if people have totally been b.s.ing me!

Note: For best results do follow the instructions. Another image I ran through the Face Recognition thingamabob said I most resembled Beyonce Knowles. As gorgeous as she is – I don’t think that was an accurate match, lol. So, check it out – who knows it might even be a nice ego boost!



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