Another HotRoastin’ Valentine’s Day Fiasco

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Didn’t forget about Valentine’s Day this year, but I still don’t think Michelle’s happy with my gift..! :-\ Music “Babbette” by Fundamental.


 by on Feb 14, 2007, 12:00am
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  • drift:

    go get him girl lol

  • fateridder:

    lmao , if only he got you flowers – at least

  • justcauz:

    PPPPFFFTT! you can never make a woman happy. take it from me I have went the whole jewelry thing and that did not work, I did the flowers thingy and that too was a bust.
    Last year I gave up and said “OK I have tried all the conventional things more… and so now I gave you a scrub brush.” Yes that is not a lie, I did indeed give her a scrub brush. I decided I have had enough and if I where going to catch heck about what I gave then I would at least understand why she was mad.
    PS I have also given a gift of a spa treatment in the past and it to was a bust.

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