Michael Jackson Charges WHAT for a Hand $$$$?!

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Michael Jackson seems to be in a financial bind… For the right price lucky Japanese fans had the opportunity to meet with the fallen King of Pop for a brief, up close and personal meeting! Music “Babette” by Fundamental.

Michaelsan — we love you short time!!!

Wacko Jacko seems to be in a bit of a financial bind. Late last week in Tokyo, Japan about 300 lucky Michael Jackson fans had the great and esteemed opportunity to meet with the man himself mano-a-mano – for about $3,500 U.S. The brief yet up close and personal meeting lasted about a minute per person. Who would of guessed that Michael was just a minute man/boy/woman/Gollum/creature…thingy.

For fans who couldn’t afford to attend the event Michael held a second event for about 1,000 people with a much more affordable ticket price of $130 per person. Fans got to sing along with the fallen King of Pop “You are Not Alone” before Jacko left the building.

If those figures are accurate Jackson raked in a nice million in just a few hours time.

I’ve gotta hand it to Wacko Jacko – I’m not sure even Pamela Anderson could fetch that much moolah for a one minute hand anything. And as for that hefty price tag, I hope his fans got a “Happy Ending”.

 by on Mar 12, 2007, 12:00am
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