Anna Nicole Smith – a Hollywood Tragedy

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Anna Nicole Smith – a Hollywood Tragedy
Could some covert foul play have played a part?
And after Anna Nicole’s passing on what lies ahead for Baby Daniellyn?

As many of you know by now (and if you don’t know I can only assume you’ve been held captive in an igloo by an angry mob of Eskimos) that Anna Nicole Smith was found dead in her hotel room at the Hard Rock Seminole Hotel and Casino this past Thursday afternoon.

And in the recent days following her death so much madness has already ensued. Officials have released information that she did not have any ILLEGAL DRUGS on her at the time death. However, she had plenty of prescription drugs in her possession all under her lawyer/lover’s name, Howard K. Stern, to sedate if not kill a small elephant. A nice, big bottle of Methadone along with Slim Fast shakes were some of the contents found in Smith’s refrigerator at her Bahamas estate. Strangely enough, the prescription drugs found on her son, Daniel, at the time of his death were also listed under Stern’s name.

Since her death more potential fathers of the baby Danniellyn have surfaced. So we know Larry Birkhead has staked his claim and Howard K. Stern is listed as the baby’s father on her birth certificate. Now Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband, Prince Frederic von Anhalt has come forward saying that he has fathered five-month old Danniellyn. Von Anhalt’s former publicist claims that the Prince is a liar and will do anything to get his name in the paper’s. Pretty harsh statement coming from a publicist! Other reports have been released that Danniellyn was conceived from the frozen sperm of Anna’s late husband and tycoon, Howard Marshall.

While we’re awaiting an official announcement as to Anna’s cause of death, many are flocking to the Bahamas’ ready to claim Danniellyn for their own. Anna Nicole Smith’s estranged mother, Vergie Smith, wants custody of her granddaughter. Alledged biological father, Howard K. Stern has been reunited with the baby girl as exclusively covered by Entertainment Tonight.

There are so many questions and conspiracy theories that clowd this sad story. Danniellyn is now Anna’s only surviving kin and the sole heir to Anna’s estate. How much was Anna worth? Possibly $88 million dollars. And whoever is the rightful, biological father will be a shoe in for the money. Is it just me or are there too many obvious and horrible coincidences that are just screaming for further investigation. Even Howard Marshall’s son mysteriously collapsed and died, the last one still fighting against Anna’s rights to his father’s estate. Sounds like the real story here is to follow the money and see who ends up with control of it…

Right after her death eager opportunists have been cashing in on sites like eBay with Anna Nicole memorabilia. Most disturbing is the sale of the domain name “AnnaNicoleSmithIsDead.com”. The “buy it now” price tag is $1,000 bucks. I have to say this is far worse than when Anna or Howard was charging an online membership to watch Anna’s pregnant belly grow.

Let’s face it – looking back at Anna Nicole’s controversial, public life she won’t be remembered as a Madonna unless perhaps you’re thinking of “Material Girl”. During her career she emulated her icon Marilyn Monroe and now her tragic death is the same. Despite the decisions (bad and good) Anna Nicole made there’s a litte girl that has lost her mother and a half-brother. What will become of Danniellyn?

In remembrance of Anna’s “The Anna Nicole Show” checkout the link to a light-hearted SNL clip I found online of “The Smurfette Show” – hope you enjoy.


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