Celebs Gone Commando – yes, that’s pantyless!!!

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Is “going commando” a trend popularized by celebritartes Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears or rather a movement among young, modern, post-feminist women? Allure Magazine polls readers to find out if the girl-next-door is going without panties too. Music: “Babette” by Fundamental

In 1954, screen legend Marilyn Monroe was tres sexy in white, cotton briefs

In the past year there’s been an onlslaught of celebritartes we love here at HotRoast like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears that have had their exposed, bare Puss’ and Beavers’ (cut to puss and beaver) caught on film by the paparazzi sans panties. These racy “Celebs Gone Wild” flashings make Mardi Gras seem like a family-oriented fundraising carnival at your local Catholic parish.

Is “going commando” (and yes, that does mean pantyless) a trend popularized by the attention seeking antics of the former UnHoly Trinity of Hilton, Lohan and Smears..oops, Spears…or rather a movement among young, modern, post-feminist women? In the 1992 film, “Basic Instinct”, Sharon Stone gave movie-goers their monies worth in that now infamous flash scene. As Sharon herself publicly voiced that she however was playing a role in a movie – “What’s Britney’s excuse?”

In a recent reader poll on Allure Magazine’s website,, nearly 59% of women polled admit that they have ventured out in public leaving their bloomers at home safe in their drawers. Out of that 59%, 23% claim that they boldy go commando everyday. For some of you watching this your naughty, public upskirt fantasies may have just become even more fascinating. But here’s where Allure’s pantyless poll gets real interesting. When readers were asked “What do you think of the trend of celebrities being caught on camera without panties?” 63% felt “it’s tacky” to go commando. A whopping 83% of the women (assuming they’re all women) believe these celebrity flashings were pre-meditated. And when asked “When a celebrity is photographed in public without panties, how does it affect your opinion of her?”, an astounding 75% answered they “like her less”, despite the rather high numbers of readers who dare to go bare themselves!

So,when your clean stash of v-strings have run out and your laundry is overdue that might be a legitimate reason to skip panties for the day. But let’s face it – most of the world is not as hot as Hollywood. And after reading the nasty comments on Perez Hilton’s blog of Paris’ bare puss and Brit’s bald beaver, do we really want to see average janes’ nether regions while trying to chow down our H&H Bagel on the early number 9 downtown train? Well, guess that depends on whether or not you like lox and cream cheese with your bagel…

And Paris, La Lohan and Brit may have lost their Le Mystere to the world just to have their names splashed in People and U.S. Weekly but you can always count on Victoria keeping her Secret.



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