More Sexy Bubble Bath Fun

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Well, just a lil’ bit more bathtime fun. Wanna join me? Watch me get ready to rock out my very first covert mission as a Heavy’s Angel. Tres top secret…

Hi everyone! Watch my second video for Heavy.com’s new program,
Heavy’s Angels. It recently got a shoutout in the Wall Street Journal –
woo-hoo! Thanks for your support, keep watching and forward this video to your friends! xoxo ~ Michelle (Music: “Bonjour Ma Cherie” by Tomas Phusion)

 by on Oct 4, 2006, 12:00am
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  • Anonymous:

    whats the song playing ?

  • albert:

    Whats the song ?

  • Oh please ditch the heavy crowd, you don’t need traffic like that…. Ugh.

    Don’t forget us your fans Michelle

    • I have a fan?! Yeah! ;o)

      Well the deal is I’ll be working on this project for Heavy for sometime to help publicize HotRoast. Gotta do what I’ve got to do.

      Apparently, they get 12 million unique visitors per month plus they’re always in the press. They scratch my back with publicity and I scratch their back by helping popularize their version of Youtube, MyHeavy.com (I do have to say that their MyHeavy Flash Player is total crap. The video looks worse than usual.).

      I’m not forgetting my fans and will incorporate some celeb roastin’ in my upcoming vids.

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