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With the U.S. dollar’s horrendous decline in value this video gives new meaning to disposable income and going green… At least we finally know what the pyramid on our bills represents, just another ponzi / pyramid scheme managed and operated by the Federal Reserve, and fueled by our government’s incessant bailouts and deficit spending.

Reporter 1: “And in today’s top news the dollar has once again been severely devalued against all other major currencies and commodities as the Federal Reserve is forced again to bail out more financial institutions in an attempt to avoid a massive collapse of the financial system.”

Reporter 1: “The resulting hyperinflation has broken the backs of Americans, as they find their dollar bills are not even worth the paper they’re printed on.”

Reporter 2: “That’s right Tom our greenbacks are pretty much worthless now I’ve just been contemplating in fact using it for toilet paper.”

Reporter 1: “The Fed was created under the guise of protecting the American people from such panics. But all it has done over the years is set the stage for the greatest crisis yet, which it is now required to bail out, again at the expense of tax payers and to the optimal benefit of the top banks who own a piece of the Federal Reserve.”



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