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Several new trading competitions have just started up again, and they offer you a great chance to win some real big cash and prize money. Watch this video to learn more about them! You’ll also have a chance to win a free complimentary copy of our “Trading Secrets to Win” ebook that will help give you all the help you need to win the MILLION DOLLAR CHALLENGE!

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Boy do I have some exciting news for all of you! This is the week that CNBC is once again starting its MILLION DOLLAR PORTFOLIO CHALLENGE, where you can win up to $1 MILLION BUCKS in cash and prizes! And as if that’s not enough, Wall Street Survivor is also starting a new $50,000 contest that also offers weekly prizes, along with the ability to compete on your “intraday” – minute by minute – trading prowess. So, if you have a little extra spare time on your hands, you’re unlikely to find a better opportunity to have a little fun, learn more about the markets, and put a few extra bucks into your pocket! The fact is anyone can win these competitions, as last year’s MILLION DOLLAR CHALLENGE winner – Mary Sue Williams (a waitress from Ohio who had never before traded stocks in her life) – found out first hand.

So what’s it take to win? Last year, I put together an ebook – Trading Secrets to Win the Million Dollar Challenge – that describes many strategies you can use to try your best shot at winning. So, anyone interested in a chance to win a free copy? If so, send us an email at the address shown below, along with the YouTube ID you used to subscribe to us, and if you’re selected to win we’ll send you a personalized complimentary copy of the ebook! Since all the contests are free to join, and CNBC even gives you five separate $1,000,000 portfolios to play around with, you’ve got nothing to lose and possibly a whole lot to gain! Best wishes, best of luck, and let us know how you’re all doing in the contests! Oh, and while you’re at it, share with us what you’d like to do with all that money if YOU win the MILLION DOLLARS Portfolio Challenge!


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