The Cult of Apple – is AAPL stock starting to show signs of weakness?

With Apple Computer’s stock ($AAPL) falling back to near $310 this week, is there anything you should consider regarding the company, especially if you own the stock long-term? And is it possible that the risks are beginning to outweigh the potential rewards? Gary Kaltbaum (www.garyk.com), in his June 20, 2011 Investor’s Edge radio show episode, offered an excellent perspective on the stock and on growth stocks in general. He also provides a brief overview of what to watch out for when momentum stocks begin to top out. And at least a few of us may still remember what eventually happened to past “darlings of Wall Street”, such as Lucent, Nokia, AOL, Intel, Oracle, WorldCom, … I’ve excerpted the clip here. If you’d like to listen to the full episode, it is available from his website at this link.

GaryK - Investor's Edge Apple Computer Excerpt (6/20/2011)

He doesn’t make any predictions, but just states some interesting facts and observations. The rest of the decision making is up to you…


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