From GoDaddy to NameSilo and LOVING IT!

We’ve used GoDaddy for years and it was fine for the basic domain hosting we needed. However, searching for a working discount coupon every year or so for each domain type (one discount code for .com domains, a different code for .net) just to make GoDaddy’s pricing competitive with other services was a real pain in the ass. While a few bucks may not seem like all that much, multiply that out by dozens of domains, and soon it starts to look like some serious cash.

Since last year, GoDaddy seems to have stopped issuing discount coupons for domain renewals altogether.  So it finally seemed like the perfect time to check out some of the other offerings out there. Needless to say, after much research into the matter, we moved all our domains over to NameSilo. It must have ranked as one of the easiest and least painful experiences of our lives!

We were able to move all our domains in a single swoop on a Saturday, and the whole transfer process was complete within 30 minutes to an hour. For $8.99/year per domain including Icann fees, you can even get private registration included free, and you don’t have to ever deal with searching for a coupon again when it comes time to renew. Any extra months left on your domains are also transferred over (though you must wait at least 45 days before transferring if your recently extended your domain expiration date with your current registrar).

So far, we couldn’t be happier, and if you too are tired of searching for coupons and clicking through 20 screens of in-your-face ads trying to get you to “BUY MORE SHIT” before hitting the GoDaddy checkout page, you’ll definitely want to check out NameSilo.com.

To summarize, NameSilo.com offers:

  • Domains are $8.99 or less (registrations, transfers or renewals)
  • Free private registrations
  • No annoying upsells or shady marketing
  • Slick and easy to use domain manager
  • Multiple security features including 2FA and Authy
  • Earn money from Domain Parking your unused domains
  • Founder/CEO does not Trophy Hunt elephants or support SOPA

Finally, while you don’t generally need coupons with NameSilo.com, you can use GOSILO to receive $1 off your first registration or transfer to compensate you for your time spent trudging through this blog post.  So, just follow the directions on the NameSilo Transfer Guide, and you’ll soon be rearing to go!



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