Bernanke says no QE3? So why didn’t markets tank??

(Robert Sinn) “When the economic data and financial markets soften the Fed strikes a more dovish tone, and as we saw yesterday when things improve the Fed Chairman does not mention the idea of additional stimulus and acknowledges the potential for a short term spike in inflation due to higher gasoline prices.”

Bernanke says, “Since these projections were made, gasoline prices have moved up, primarily reflecting higher global oil prices – a development that is likely to push up inflation temporarily while reducing consumers’ purchasing power.” And despite the fact that Bernanke didn’t mention “quantitative” once — here or anywhere else in his testimony — the media was quick to hype the Fed’s mere acknowledgement of “potential inflation” as a change in stance.

Full Story: Bernanke’s Poker Game (RobertSinn)

However, the majority of the mass media conveniently overlooked the real story of the day…

(WSJ) “The European Central Bank handed out €529.5 billion ($712.81 billion) in cheap, three-year loans to 800 lenders, the central bank’s latest effort to arrest a financial crisis now entering its third year.

Wednesday’s loans were on top of the €489.2 billion of similar loans the ECB dispensed to 523 banks in late December. The ECB’s goal is to help struggling banks pay off maturing debts and to coax them to lend to strained governments and customers. The takeup of this week’s loans was roughly consistent with what bankers, investors and analysts had expected.”

Full Story: ECB Gives Banks Big Dollop of Cash (WSJ)

WOW! So the same day Bernanke is noticing some possible inflation, most news sources completely overlooked one of the greatest liquidity injections ever on the very same day… And in hyping up the wrong story to “help” cover it all up, the media also gave these same banks the opportunity to park their free cash right back into the stock markets at a short-lived “NO QE3″ discount.

(Jim Sinclair) “Because of the volatility you experienced in gold today, and the absolute fact that it was an MSM cover operation of today’s covert operation, which was one of the largest injections of QE liquidity into the Euro banking system ever, you must know the facts.”

If, in fact, what Bernanke attempted to tell the investment world today, that QE may not be necessary because of a modest improvement in the statistics of unemployment, if that was truly to be believed, then the stock market should have been off 800 points while gold was gold was down $100.  Because the same thing moving the stock market is what’s moving the metals and that is pure liquidity.”

Full Story: Today was a Cover-Up By the Fed & Mainstream Media (JimSinclair)

So for those of you worried about an end to quantitative easing, alleviate your fears. QE and cheap easy money for the well-connected kleptocrats is alive and well and not likely to end all that soon…


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