Where do Billionaires Park Their Cash and Assets?

(BloombergMarketsMagazine) “Cash generates minuscule returns. Commodities, especially gold, can soar or tumble in an instant. In these perplexing times, Bloomberg Markets magazine in its January issue asked 10 billionaires 14 questions covering their views on the global economy, where they see opportunities and who gave them the best advice.”

Some highlights:

John Paul DeJoria (Primary Assets: Stakes in John Paul Mitchell Systems and Patron Spirits Co. Residence: Los Angeles Industry: Retail):

Influential indicators? Beauty salons. Typically, customers will visit every six weeks; in downturns, that drops to every eight weeks. When the frequency starts to go up again, it indicates the economy is improving.”

Where to park $1 million in cash?  Twenty-five percent in gold, 25 percent in silver, 25 percent in NYSE blue-chip stocks that pay a dividend and 25 percent between Asian and European blue chips that pay a dividend.”

Eli Broad (Primary Assets: Investments, art Residence: Los Angeles Industries: Banking, real estate):

Influential indicators? Consumer confidence, unemployment and political gridlock.”

Best investing advice? Don’t bet the farm.”

Margin in portfolio? Not in this uncertain world.”

Where to park $1 million in cash? High-quality multinational consumer companies such as Procter & Gamble Co., Coca-Cola Co., Kraft Foods Inc. and Johnson & Johnson. (JNJ)”

Peter Hargreaves (Primary Asset: 32.2 percent of Hargreaves Lansdown Plc, the U.K.’s biggest retail broker Residence: Bristol, England Industry: Financial services):

Fixed-income investments? German bonds for the currency play when the euro implodes”

Where to put $1 million in cash? $500,000 in Singapore dollars and $500,000 in Norwegian krone.”

Is there a money manager you would trust with your entire portfolio? Me.

Full Story: Billionaire Prokhorov Touts Gold as Trump Embraces Foreclosures (BloombergMarketsMagazine)


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