Teenage Boob Jobs

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Teenagers getting boob jobs – what happened to a good ‘ole nose job as a graduation present?!
Nothin’ like a nice set of fake rubba boobies!

Instead of a new car or computer for graduation…how about a boob job?

Last night I tuned into E! Entertainment to catch Episode 4 of the Third season of the hit medical reality show, “Dr. 90210″. I became deeply disturbed when watching a segment of the show of a seventeen-year-old California girl named Mary.

Mary was not going under the knife to correct any medical issues. She was going under to get a new, improved set of full “C” cup boobs. Having been a late bloomer myself I first handedly understand how cruel and bastardly kids can be if you don’t have a full rack by age fourteen. But Mary’s before shot was certainly not that of an ironing board! She was a healthy, well-proportioned, probably “B” cup gal.

During her interview she said she wanted to get boob job so she could “feel cute” and “womanly” in clothes and little tops when like going out with her boyfriend!

Is it just me, or what the f*ck?! Why on earth would a parent consent to having their minor, not fully developed child stuff their chest with silicone or saline implants? And pay for it!!! Isn’t that like saying, “Yes, sweetie you’re not the prettiest girl on the block and the best way to ensure to have you married and off my hands at a young age is to inflate your chest!”?…

So, I guess the real question is should the decision for unnecessary cosmetic surgery to a minor be left up to the one paying for this roughly $7,000 DOLLAR procedure (a.k.a. mommy or daddy) or the one doing the cutting (a.k.a. this episode Dr. Aiello)? And can ANY 16, 17 or even 18 year old really grasp the physical or emotional repercussions that might be at risk from such a procedure? Hello – it’s not like going to get your teeth bleached!

Fact remains that California and Texas are the two states that hold the highest numbers for underage cosmetic surgeries. According to the American Academy of Plastic Surgeons and CBS News, nearly 4,000 teenagers age 18 and younger underwent breast augmentation in 2003. That’s nearly 24 percent more than in 2002.

Obviously, these young girls are vying for attention. And what’s our society teaching them? That maybe if they finance for implants they’ll have a stiletto-in for Playboy’s reality show “The Girl Next Door”?

And for parents, whatever happened to the more traditional graduation gifts like a new laptop, car or maybe even rhinoplasty?


 by on Apr 4, 2006, 1:00am
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  • JasonW:

    bleh, I just wanted to see some tits…


    Nicely done. I agree. I’ve sampled the lot. Real, saline, silicone…real feels and looks best.


    I agree with you. I don’t think children should be allowed to undergo procedures that

    1. Will permanently alter they bodies.

    2. Carry significant health risks for the duration of the implants (which by the way WILL have to be replaced at some time, or removed and leave what was shown in the video)

    3. Are performed to mask an underlying issue with low self esteem(I don’t care what you say… if you think cutting yourself and moving bits and pieces around is going to make you a better person, more comfortable in your skin etc… you HAVE low self esteem manifested in an unhealthy perception of your physical appearance and or unreal (unhealthy) expectations and views of what is healthy and attractive).

    I happen to think you shouldn’t be able to do anything along the lines of making a life long commitment until you’re 25ish. Why? Read up on the developmental stages of the pre-frontal cortex and the ability to appropriately foresee the ramifications of one’s actions and you’ll understand. Ever wonder why you have to be 25 to rent a car but not to by tobacco, alcohol or join the service? BTW…I smoke, drink and I’m ex Airborne < –not a liberal oh and don’t listen to anyone that’s knocking your looks. You’re a very pretty lady with a nice “set”, of course I’m sure you’re aware of that ;)


  • phoebe:

    kudos on all the links you posted for this vlog. very informative!

  • marissa:

    dang conrad! sounding kind of angry there yourself .. sheesh! something she said struck a nerve? I got implants but only because I was a 33A cup and really felt a bit self-conscious about it. But I didn’t get them until I was 24, and I heavily researched all the risks involved. At 17, I wouldn’t have really had a clue about the real risks. And my body was still developing for at least several years more. Well hey, just another clueless dude who “knows” women.

  • George Frankel, MD:

    Conrad – saw your comment and had to respond. It sounds like you’re some sort of disgruntled plastic surgeon. I’m a primary care physician, and I can confirm that what you’ve stated is ludicrous and quite frankly, makes so little sense I wouldn’t even know where to start. I’ve seen plenty of quack doctors out there who always seem to find a way to say someone’s ready for something, but I think Michelle’s got it right on. At that age they are not ready emotionally OR physically. Women’s bodies continue to mature in their early 20′s. Many eye doctors do not recommend refractive surgery (ie. Lasik) until a boy or girl reaches their mid-20′s for the same reason. However, there are always some doctors who are ready to pounce, … hmm hmm, .. Doctor Conrad. You are correct about the extra risks with breast augmentations. However, again, you’re only making Michelle’s point stronger – not weaker! Older women are more savvy and knowledgeable with a few years behind them to consider these additional risks. Young girls like Mary (only 16 years old I believe) seem primarily preoccupied with keeping her boyfriend looking her way. If any of my patients ask me about implants, I’m going to have them watch this vlog first.

  • vlogomir:

    actually, the general consensus is that fake boobs don’t feel nearly as nice as real ones, and we agree, but that’s not the issue. The point we’re making here regards teens under 18 – who are still their parents responsibility – who cannot nearly legally drink – and who can barely legally drive. Despite all this, do you believe they are capable of making such a decision when their bodies haven’t yet even finished developing?

    • Conrad:

      Actually, the general consensus in the medical community is only in partial agreement with you. In females, puberty is typically completed by age 17 and, in many girls, sooner. The actual age of menarche in girls is decreasing hence completion of puberty is happening sooner. Many causes are hypothesized such as hormones in food, insecticides and obesity to name a few. Emotional maturity, which you alluded to, however often takes longer to develop and is assessed by the medical professionals. Plastic surgeons and psychiatrists assess patients decision making capacity to consent for surgery. The viewers of these television shows see only a small snapshot of the assessment process. It appears that your disturbance in this whole process lies not in the fact of whether these girls have decision making capacity or not. If it did, you would also mention how women with breast implants have to undergo limited mammograms so as not to rupture the implant. In those cases women risk having potentially deadly lesions go undiagnosed. One would think this would be a concerning issue to you regarding your fellow womankind considering the high incidence of breast cancer in New York and its surrounding suburbs. Instead, you choose to angrily focus on Mary. It appears from your sarcastic demeanor that Mary and her privilege hits a nerve with you. It’s so obvious in the way you angrily say, “Mommy and Daddy” as if to indicate yours were absent and you’d like to criticize Mary for having hers. This blog has nothing to do with teens and breast implants as you’d like your average viewers to believe. It has nothing to do with teens and breast implants as you’d like yourself to believe. You’re a cute girl but you’re very angry and very sad and the sooner you gain insight into that, the happier you’ll be.

      • From your comments of “very angry” and “very sad” regarding “Mary’s privilege” I can only assume that you’re accusing me of coveting Mary’s breast augmentation. I wouldn’t call that a “privilege”. Oh Conrad, you forgot to mention her nose job too!

        Unlike many, insecure, teenaged, American girls I have had the great privilege of an upbringing that instilled character traits of self-confidence and self-worth. After all, beauty is only skin deep.

        Unfortunately, most 17 year-olds are highly impressionable and nipping and tucking at such a young at age may put them at a high risk for Body Dysmorphic Disorder (i.e. Tabitha Stevens also featured in the same “Dr. 90210″ episode).

        Considering CBS did report about this new trend I can again only assume you believe those working for that network are “very angry” and “very sad” too. And yes, girls are hitting puberty at a younger age. If I correctly recall a show on Discovery Health, menses begins once the body hits a certain percentage of body fat. Considering American eating habits, no wonder the average age of menarche is dropping.

        Oh, btw, everyone thanks for the comments! Rock on…Especially you Dr. George!

  • droconnell:

    You sound pretty upset about girls getting boob jobs…I mean, if a person is uncomfortable with their body shouldn’t they have the choice to change it? Basically who really cares…boobs are cool.

  • jay:

    Very funny and very well done. Kudos for all

  • billy:

    i like her real ones best! bada-bing! had no idea how gross a reverse boob job can look – sheesh!

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