To E-file or Not to E-file Your Tax Returns

I consider myself to be a modern gal however in years past I’ve always opted to snail mail in those nasty, dreaded tax returns. I flirted with the idea of filing electronically but being the cynic (and okay, neurotic) person that I am I feared that e-filing might up the ante on a very unpleasant word – AUDIT.

And being a modern gal I’m also a do-it-yourselfer. After all, if you don’t need to pay more into the lucrative business of taxes then prepare your own! I’ve found H&R Block’s TaxCut to be super easy and the 2008 Premium Federal + State addition includes five free federal E-files (included in the software price of course).

Once you consider the cost of printing out a full return, the cost of mailing it at least first-class plus certified and the additional time waiting at your local (and usually incompetent) USPS office, E-filing my federal return was less of a hassle, saved time and the likelihood of last minute paper jams and leaky ink cartridge changes.

A daytime phone number is required to submit your federal E-file along with an email address. Once your submission has been accepted by the mafia IRS you’ll receive a notification via email.  A piece of canole! Now as for easy payment of your mandatory donation to Uncle Sam, well that’s NEVER EASY!

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