How to Make a SEXY MOJITO!

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Another Saturday and another seriously sexy libation: the Mojito. Guess what? It’s so easy to make that it’s certain to wow that “special someone”. Even Napoleon Dynamite will be jealous of your super domesticated-like skills. And ya know the best part? It’ll take you about five minutes to prepare and the ingredients won’t cost mucho dinero. This refreshing tropical drink comes from Cuba and has been a hit seen the 16th century. After all, it’s a sexy gentleman’s drink that both James Bond and Ernest Hemingway favored! So, now it’s time for you to get in the kitchen, bathtub, your car, under your office desk or wherever it is you get on your down and dirty drink mojo. Salud and drink responsibly!

P.S. For those of you who enjoy a lush life, remember Mojitos aren’t just mint, lime and sugar juice and downing too much may cause your motor skills to crash. If your lack of sobriety should result in a drunken stooper here’s a link to a few “tried and true” idiot friendly hangover cures. The bacon one is THE best!  For those of you who prefer your beverages sans alcohol, the Mojito makes for a delicious virgin cocktail too!



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