You Lush! Easy Hangover Cures and Foods

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Some easy eats and drinks to cure your morning-after misery.

You vowed you’d never to do it again.  Nevertheless, somehow you’ve managed to get yourself in that same nasty predicament yet another time.  Daylight burns your dreary, bloodshot eyes.  Your mouth is cotton-dry.  Your head is pounding and your entire body aches as the nausea begins to swell over you.  In your stupor, you vaguely recall drinking just a few glasses of red wine, a couple of Purple Hooter shooters and some other unmentionable debauchery involving Sex on the Beach with a Red-Headed Slut with Buttery Nipples.   Uh oh, here comes the upchuck! Quick, brace yourself and get ready to kiss the porcelain goddess.  Hello, hangover hell, how nice NOT to meet you again.  Damn it!

Does the above ring a sobering bell for you?  Binge drinking isn’t a bright idea.  However, should you accidentally pass your limit here’s a few quick and easy cure-alls to aid your ailin’ just in time for Sunday brunch.


Easy Remedies Found in Your Kitchen

1. Drink water, lots and lots of water. Alcohol dehydrates your body and a dehydrated body needs replenishing.  I love hot coffee in the morning to get me going, but a cup of joe is inadvisable as coffee acts as a diuretic.  If you need to drink something flavored, opt for a sports drink loaded with electrolytes.

2.  Eat a banana. Bananas are known to help calm upset stomachs and are full of electrolytes, magnesium and potassium.  The prep time is a minimal: just peel and eat!  If you’re not too groggy and can handle the sound of a blender, try a banana milkshake.  In addition to bananas, milk soothes the tummy.  To give your shake a kick, sprinkle some spicy cayenne pepper on top.  Not only will it help to ease your hangover, cayenne pepper will also pep up your sinuses.

3.  Bacon! According to scientific researchers in the U.K., protein-filled bacon contains a high level of amino acids needed to relieve your sloshed self.  Bacon sounds like a deliciously, greasy excuse to go hog wild! :)

4.  You say tomato, I say tomato…juice! For what tomato juice lacks in taste appeal, it makes up for in nourishing vitamins and minerals. So, go ahead and crack open a can.  It’s easy peasy, and hopefully you won’t break a nail over it.  If your buzz has begun to wear off (and your motor functions have recovered), here’s a recipe for a spicy Virgin Mary (Bloody Mary’s sober sister) that could boost your rear in high gear.  Hey, you can even throw in some bacon as a meaty garnish!

5. Cold pizza. Cold pizza is a tried and true cure from my formative years and a personal favorite.  Being carbohydrate rich, pizza may help to soak up any alcohol left in your stomach. Enjoy!


Unless you have a titanium-lined liver like rock legend Keith Richards, you might want to consider a few of these tips for the next time you decide to throw back a few.  Hopefully, they’ll help keep you from throwing them up!

1.  Know your tolerance for alcohol.
2.  Don’t drink on an empty stomach.
3.  Don’t mix drinks! To keep what’s in your stomach down below, make life simple and chose one type of an alcoholic beverage and stick with it.
4.  Browns might make you frown. Try and stick with lighter colored (or clear) drinks.
5.  Chase your tipple with a glass of agua. Downing a glass of water in between alcoholic drinks will help keep your body happy and your mind lucid.
6.  Be responsible. If you’re incapable of controlling yourself, then don’t drink in the first place!  Of course, that’s easier said than done.


Sake Sham

Silly, sake can sock one to ya!  Sake (Japanese rice wine) is an alcoholic beverage.  So, if you think adding a “sake bomb” to your Kirin Ichiban is innocent, you may want to reconsider your tactics.  Or, you might feel like a bomb hit you the following morning.

Red, Red Whine

Known as the “French paradox”, red wine contains low levels of reservatrol, along with polyphenols.  Both are known to promote good cardiac health and longevity.  However, remember not to get too carried away on this healthy, hard grape juice.  Instead of leaving you fresh faced, too much in one sitting may make you a sh*tfaced disgrace.  If you’re feeling queasy, leave what’s left in the glass as a toast to Bacchus.

“Like Cures Like”…  like, NOT!

Using more alcohol to remedy your already trashed condition is not a wise choice.  Sure it may temporarily numb your pain, but in the end it will cost you doubly!

Readers, what’s your favorite hangover remedy?  Don’t be shy, we won’t judge.  Cheers! :P



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