California Believes Gay Marriage is Queer!

The majority of Californians chose Prop 8 for keepin' it straight.

It appears that Carrie Prejean, Miss California 2009, not only spoke on her behalf but also for the majority of California State voters (i.e. California, as in one of the most liberal states in the Union). If your recollection is a wee bit foggy, I’d be much obliged to clear it up for you.  Remember Miss California’s “opposite marriage” remark last month during the Miss USA pageant?  Ah, yes that one (and if you have absolutely no idea just play along with me, would ya?!)!  Earlier today, California’s Supreme Court announced their decision to uphold Proposition 8 (a.k.a. “Prop 8″), the November 2008 voter ballot that banned same sex marriage.  Well, it sure as hell looks as if Miss Cali. was on the straight and narrow with her response.  Ouch, did I just hear Perez Hilton get bitch smacked? Or just bitching…

So, déjà vu, it’s like 2007 all over again for the gay community of California except for those same sex couples that were legally married before the ballot vote.  An appeal is impotent imminent, and maybe – just maybe, there will be a rainbow for the gay and lesbian community on the other side of their gray cloud.

Gay or straight, married or divorced, let Prop 8 be a lesson to us all.  This is a fine example that you’ve got to milk the teat of potentially beneficial California state laws before they go POOF overnight.  Ya know, strike while the iron is hot.  So, should you have a medical need for marijuana, you’d better head west and get your doctor prescribed ganja before that too goes Up In Smoke.


Gay marriage could be just fab for your local economy!  Below is an excerpt from a previous post.  Don’t worry, it was Jesus approved. :D

“As for my personal thoughts on gay marriage/civil unions, well, I could really give a rat’s @## what two consenting adults chose to do. I kind of live by the libertarian and Hugh Hefner attitude of so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else and feels good then go for it. Who the hell am I to judge?

Personal opinions aside, facts are facts and the wedding industry tends to be recession proof. Even in this crap shoot economy enamored couples still want to get hitched (a groomzilla friend of a friend is spending $250+ a head). So, imagine if more states cashed in on gay marriage/civil unions (the old ball and chain, whatever you want to call it). The potential to stimulate Main Street in your local market could be tremendous. Bakeries, florists, wedding planners, chapels, temples, caterers, wedding singers, travel agencies, beauty salons, photographers, videographers, LAWYERS and more could all BENEFIT from more MOOLAH! Picture the extra revenue stream small town divorce or contracts lawyers could earn JUST from preparing and negotiating prenuptial agreements. Really, it could be FABULOUS! And if the state of marital bliss should deteriorate, rot and fester like the majority of “opposite marriages” in America those lawyers will have the opportunity to pounce for the real kill – DIVORCE! After the personal pain, angst, heartache and time consumed in divorce (we’ll assume the prenup protected assets) should these newly divorced singletons fall foolishly in love and want to head down the aisle yet again, LAWYERS and other wedding service and hospitality businesses can cash in a second time. Or a third. Woo-hoo!

Who here is for gay marriage more MONEY? Well, the bottom-line is business is never personal…or is it? One thing that’s certain and remains a constant in our society is our love and need for the big bucks and here in the States many worship the cash cow. So, who cares what your sexual orientation is, what your religious beliefs, morals and ethics are (or lack thereof). MONEY is a universal love and the power of LOVE conquers all.”


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