Brazilian SEXiness – Caipirissima, Caipirinha, Caipiroska, Caipivodka

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There’s nothing like perking up workweek doldrums than with a sexy tropical libation.   This cocktail comes by way of the beautiful country of Brazil.  It’ll have you lusting for that Girl from Ipanema frolicking on the beach with Gisele Bündchen in itsy bitsy Brazilian bikinis.  So what drink could sum up all this Brazilian sexiness in a glass?  Just Brazil’s national drink – the Caipirinha and her sexy little sis, Caipirissima.

This how-to is dedicated to the Caipirissima which is made with light rum rather than the Brazilian spirit Cachaça (which is used in a Caipirinha).  Like the Cuban Mojito (watch how to make a Mojito), this is also a muddled drink.  I go over the semantics in the video – guess you’ll just have to watch to learn more.  Saude and drink responsibly!

P.S. For those of you who enjoy a lush life, remember the Caipirinha / Caipirissima  isn’t just lime and sugar juice and downing too much may cause your motor skills to crash. If your lack of sobriety should result in a drunken stooper here’s a link to a few “tried and true” idiot friendly hangover cures. The bacon one is THE best!  



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