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Last lesson, you learned how to concoct a New Moon, a mysterious, glow-in-the-dark, gin libation. Now this mocktail is for vampire fans of all ages.  Get ready to become smitten with a naughty yet nice non-alcoholic tipple named Bitten.

Yeah, sure, it’s a kiddie cocktail but don’t let this blood red beverage fool you.  She has a sassy yet sweet bite and is loaded with health benefits thanks to her pomegranate juice and coconut water. For you drinkers who enjoy a more boozy beverage, spike this modern Shirley with some gin or vodka (or both!).  Now has come the time for you to drain this doozy of a drink dry and enjoy!  Muah-ha-ha!!!

Music: “Noite de Carnivale”, “Inner Child” and “Rainha do Solvia” via



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