What the Fudge?! Twenty-Two Dollar Brownie Mix!!!

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$22 bucks for a box of designer brownie mix? Only a DOPE would pay that much!

You can have your cake and eat it too, but it might cost you!

Candy connoisseur and entrepreneur Dylan Lauren (daughter of fashion mogul, Ralph Lauren), of Dylan’s Candy Bar, is banking sweetly from her decadent treats and do-it-yourself sweets.  Alas, these costly, take-home coolinary kits, like the Chocolate Brownie Mix, have a biting price tag of $22 clams!  You’d expect a boxed mix to shoot you over the moon for laying down that kind of mean green.  The packaging says it’s made with seventy percent Belgian chocolate.  Surely, for that much cash the other thirty percent must contain hash?!  Nope, unfortunately it includes no dope but you’d have to be high to buy.  Or go dutch or broke!

As for my fudge fix, I’ll stick with a three dollar Betty Crocker mix.  If your sweet tooth can’t resist Dylan’s, try a multi-tasking, chocolaty indulgence that’s lip-smacking good, skimps on the calories and it’ll let your wallet maintain its weight.  Check out Dylan’s Chocolate Cupcake Lip Saver at

Brownie Points

Using apple sauce as a substitute for vegetable oil cuts out fatty calories and makes your brownies extra fudgy while saving your waistline from growing regrettably pudgy.  Be sure to read the directions on the side of your boxed brownie mix and/or check your recipe for alternative baking instructions.

According to, “the first known recipe for brownies was published in the 1897 Sears Roebuck Catalogue”.  “Aging like a fine wine” is considered praise by some.  However, the compliment of “aging like a brownie”, indubitably would be welcomed by none.

Company Crumbs

According to this Crain’s article published in 2008, Dylan’s Candy Bar was expected to have generated revenues of $20 million dollars last year.  Now that’s a whole lotta bon bons!



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