Jasmine Fiore’s Millionaire Ex-Husband and Reality T.V. Star Found Dead by Hanging – Ryan Alexander Jenkins

Canadian Millionaire Ryan Jenkins seemingly had it all: a Playboy Model wife, Jasmine Fiore, wealth and newly found reality t.v. fame.  What went wrong?

Canadian Millionaire Ryan Jenkins seemingly had it all: a buxom trophy wife, Jasmine Fiore, financial wealth and newly found reality t.v. fame. What went wrong?

The hunt for the alleged millionaire turned reality television star turned alleged murderer is now over.  Ryan Jenkins, the ex-hubby of murdered swimsuit model, Jasmine Fiore, has been found dead.  Jenkins, 32, a native Canadian was found hanged by his belt on a coat rack in a small room at the Thunderbird Motel in Hope, British Columbia.  Officials believe Jenkins death is a suicide.  The word on the street is that a wholesome-looking 20-something blonde accompanied Jenkins to the motel.  The young hottie checked in with the motel’s front desk while Jenkins waited in his car.  However, the mystery blonde was M.I.A. at the time Jenkins’ body was discovered.  Really, this scandal is above and beyond the staged bizarro of  a reality melodrama and has developed into a sleazy Hollywood murder mystery.


Jenkins was last seen alive last week stateside while being pursued by the U.S. Coast Guard in a high-speed boat chase.   His strangled ex-wife, Fiore, 28, was last seen alive on August 13th while checking into a San Diego hotel with Jenkins.  After participating as a contestant on the fantastically shallow VH1 reality hit, Megan Wants a Millionaire, Jenkins joined the cast of VH1′s I Love Money 3 (which just wrapped filming a few weeks ago) and was possibly the show’s grand prize winner of a quarter million U.S. dollars.

The dirt via

“According to a scoop courtesy of informants at Reality TV World, Jenkins stormed into the Los Angeles offices of 51 Minds Entertainment earlier this week and “begged” the company to give him a check for the $250,000 grand prize he allegedly won while competing on the show scheduled — at least for now — to air later this year.

His request was denied.”

Was Jenkins having money problems? Megan Wants a Millionaire wrapped filming earlier this year, and at the time of production Jenkins was said to have a net worth of 2.5 million dollars. If Jenkins was worth millions why was he recently “begging” for a quarter million? What kind of due diligence is done before casting someone on a reality t.v. show – if any? Was Jenkins really a millionaire? Who was the mysterious blonde escorting Jenkins in Canada? Was Jenkins death really a suicide? Should VH1 cancel both Megan Wants a Millionaire and I Love Money 3?  When is the air date for the made for t.v. movie?

There’s a lot questions that need answering and several sordid updates are sure to follow.

Update:  TMZ is suggesting the mystery blonde could be Jenkins’ former fiancee, Paulina Chmielecka.

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    Where was Bill Clinton during this time? Had he returned from North Korea while rescuing two very grateful Asian babes? And where was John Edwards, playing with his love-child and his mistress, or somewhere else? And what about the Love Gov, Elliot Spitzer or the other Love Gov from Carolina? It is making my head spin, and the plot sickens!

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