Model Liskula Cohen Wins – Playboy Model Jasmine Fiore Found Dead in Suitcase

Liskula Cohen will pursue a lawsuit on the precedence of defamation of speech.  Unfortunately, murdered model Jamsine Fiore was a victim of more than anonymous cyber name calling.

Liskula Cohen has won a lawsuit against Google and the identity of anonymous name-calling blogger. Conversely, model Jasmine Fiore has lost her life for presumably more than cyber smack talk.

This week has been quite the week for models in the press. One rightfully deserving the attention and the other probably not. We’ll start with the “probably not” because the supercilious one is so much more fun!


Liskula Cohen, a New York City resident, recently won a lawsuit against Google and the identity (an email address) of a mean-spirited person who included Ms. Cohen in a blog entitled “Skanks of NYC“. Why is this trivial silliness pertinent? Ms. Cohen’s lawsuit against Blogger/Google may have created legal precedence and history concerning how we utilize our first amendment right of freedom of speech on the web. In Cohen’s case, the blogged bitchy banter has been ruled defamatory by a NYC judge. “Skanks of NYC” (sounds like a must-watch reality t.v. show!) has long been removed from Google’s However, when this online skank shrine was live it featured pictures of the model along with blasphemous words like “skanky, whoring, lying and ho” (oh no!) to describe Cohen. According to the 37-year-old model, the debasing remarks have hurt the former Vogue cover girl’s career.

To sum up everything I wrote above read this comment by “wrfreytag” on

So the model claimed to have been called some bad names………and she received plenty of press. Then the model hires a lawyer to find out who called her some bad names…..and she got plenty of press. Then she says she found out who the person is……….and she got plenty of press. Then she says she forgives the still anonymous person……..and she got plenty of press.

I think this stupid story is funny. Yup, I do. So much so, that it warrants my time writing about it. Ms. Cohen claims to earn her keep as a paid fashion model. Typically, the modeling industry knows no manners, knows no social graces, and treats women like cattle. Bitchiness is considered a much needed character trait (along with arrogance). Here’s a perfect example of that necessary gumption spammed nearly a dozen times to my Flickr pages. Models (as well as actresses, singers and dancers…hey, you saw Show Girls, right?) often consider others as rivals (especially those not yet as long in the tooth) and nasty cyber bullying should be no stranger to an accomplished model and public figure such as Ms. Cohen.

Now that this lawsuit has made a legal example, I’m contemplating whether I should sue for the IP addresses, home addresses, social security numbers and names of the Grandmas of the countless trolls who have left hateful, defamatory and potentially life-threatening remarks on my videos over the years on Google’s Just imagining all the hyped up publicity I could get is making me salivate as I type this! The reality is Ms. Cohen lucked out legally and any half-wit would suspect that this was a cleverly masterminded publicity stunt and nothing more. Cohen was quoted as saying the following on Good Morning America (you can click here to watch the video):

“[I] called everybody and my mother and said ‘Thank God it’s her,’” Cohen said. While hesitant to identify the person publicly by name, Cohen described the woman as “an irrelevant person in my life – just somebody whenever I’d go out to a restaurant or a party in New York City, she was just always that girl who was always there.

By reading that statement (and if you watched the video) it almost sounds like the identity of the anonymous blogger may indeed be Ms. Cohen’s alter ego. Incidentally, trouble loves to follow Cohen and Page Six of the NY Post loves to report it. Last summer Liskula made the Post when she received a gash on her face from a bar brawl that devastated her modeling career…at age 36. Is it just me or does something smell skanky…. I mean fishy by this P.R. coincidence? On the bright side, there is one thing that haters can learn from this – be sure to mask your IP before logging into your ghost accounts. Troll responsibly!

Update: The anonymous blogger’s email address and identity has been revealed – – Rosemary Port.

Moving on to news that matters….

Last Saturday Playboy model, 28-year-old Jasmine Fiore was found tossed in a recyling bin in Buena Park, California. The swimsuit model had been strangled to death and her body stuffed into a suitcase. She was reported missing by her boyfriend/maybe husband and reality T.V. “star” – the “hot” alleged “millionaire” Ryan Alexander Jenkins of VH1′s Megan Wants a Millionaire fame. Since reporting Fiore missing Jenkins has flown the coop and is now M.I.A. This is a tragic story, and I hope that Good Morning America will give the family of this murdered model at least as much attention (if not more) as they gave someone who was called a few inconsequential names online (boo hoo hoo, we dedicate all our hater comments to you Liskula). As for Megan Hauserman, I’m guessing that’s one millionaire’s credit card she’s glad she denied from swiping her slot… 8O

Update: Ryan Alexander Jenkins has been found dead in a motel room.  He committed suicide by hanging.  Click here to read all about it!



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