The Wall Street Journal’s MOST IDIOTIC ARTICLE EVER!!!

Arial and Comic Sans go to a bar and...

Ad Lib quickie! Arial and Comic Sans go to a bar and __________ (fill in the blank in the comments section below with a PRESENT-TENSE VERB).

An open letter to The Wall Street Journal:

Dear WSJ Editor,

I have an appreciation for typography. I really do. My current typeface crush is Cooper Black Swash Italic Traditional (and Custom) which you can see is used in our header here at HotRoast.com. I also have a great appreciation for your publication and have come to rely on its interesting, informative, conservative and most usually useful content. After all, if I wanted silly and irrelevant I could simply journey to the comments section of my YouTube channel.  However, I am frustrated by your editorial choices of late, one in particular titled “Typeface Inspired by Comic Books Has Become a Font of Ill Will”.

I believe it is safe to assume that many of your online readers, myself included, clicked on this asinine article because of its high rank under the “Most Popular” section of your website. I would expect a title that includes such formidable phrases as “Ill Will” would feature a font fist fight over copyright infringements.  Alas, to my disappointment, no. Rather I find myself reading a feature that describes the creator of the Comic Sans font, Mr. Vincent Connare as a complete and total douche bag with no real point to the story whatsoever.

Perhaps you believe this 1,218 word editorial to be entertaining and whimsical.  Reading this piece, one would think we’re living through extremely uninteresting times. So, how did something that reads like it’s from the faculty newsletter at the Art Institute Online end up published in YOUR PERIODICAL?  Seriously, have I mistook The Wall Street Journal for Art Director’s Digest?

Mr./Ms. Editor, please correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t newspapers having an awfully tough time? Why would you choose to alienate your readers, especially those who continue to pay a SUBSCRIPTION FEE with such NONSENSICAL DRIVEL?

The point I’m eloquently trying to make could better be expressed in the colorful language of a disgruntled YouTube viewer.  So here it goes; “NOBODY F’ING CARES ABOUT COMIC SANS SUCKING @SS!!! I WANT MY PAST 120 MINUTES OF MY LIFE BACK!!! WSJ, YOU ARE AN EPIC FAIL!  U JUST GOT OWNED!  WHATEVER THE HELL THAT MEANS! BLAHHHHHHH!!!”.


Deeply Disturbed Roaster


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