Teens accused of "sexting" are facing felony charges.  No, that's not Miley Cyrus in the pic - that's me!

Teens accused of "sexting" are facing felony charges. Nope, that's NOT Miley Cyrus in the pic. That's me! Photo art by Michelle.

In the past few months there has been much buzz in the media concerning the salaciously hot and naughty teenage “sexting” phenomenon. If you’re not up to date on your mobile porn slang, sexting refers to the act of sending hot nudie OR semi-nude pics via cell phone. Which we all do at least a few times a day, right? Kind of like my seriously raunchy Twitter updates.

Just search on Google and a slew of sexting articles pop up that are so outlandish it’s mind boggling. In a case in Western Pennsylvania, teenagers are being charged with CHILD PORNOGRAPHY for sending and receiving pictures of themselves to other teens that THEY TOOK OF THEMSELVES. That’s some serious, crazy @ss sh*t, literally!

Horny teenage kids will be little horny teenage kids. That’s timeless. Why should these particular adolescents in Western PA (and in other states too, i.e. North Carolina) face felony charges that will haunt them throughout their LIFETIMES with a digital Scarlet Letter? In contrast, I’d like to know why teenage Disney whorebots like Miley Cyrus are labeled a “victim” of hacker theft when her now notorious implied shower pics were “uncovered”. Pictures that Miss Cyrus presumably TOOK of HERSELF (major shocker). So, why the f*** isn’t sweet, innocent, Christian Miley Cyrus labeled a SEX OFFENDER TOO?! Could it be because she sent her pictures via email over the internet and not by cell phone so she’s free and clear in a legal web loophole? Or is it because she’s been tagged and branded as the untouchable property of Disney and such a marvelously concocted publicity stunt would help skyrocket ‘Ho’annah Montana ratings and merchandise sales to Uranus?! Hmmm….me thinks the latter.

Doesn’t this ridiculousness just toot your horn and burn your caboose? With the PRIVILEGE of FAME comes RESPONSIBILITY.  Shouldn’t Miss Cyrus be a role model to her peers?  Hell yeah! 

Dear reader, I’d love to know what YOUR THOUGHTS are on this subject. Do YOU FEEL that young stars like Miley Cyrus should be broiled by the law with the same scrutiny as their non-famous teenage peers for distributing implied, semi-nude and nude images?  Comment below!


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