Welcome to HotRoast v2.0!

If you’re reading this and are an old ‘Roasty fan you see that we’ve made some major changes to our website! Isn’t she so shiny and new? :P It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us – we’re still alive! We started this website overhaul back in January and we’re now live – woo-hoo! So now you can get your fill of HotRoast snarkiness by videos AND blog posts (lol, yes, we work backwards). We may have a few website kinks to work out this week but will be posting fun, infotaining articles soon and new videos in HD.

To our older viewers we welcome you now as readers and to the ‘Roasty newbies we’re thrilled to have you onboard! Hey, and while you’re here feel free to subscribe to the HotRoast feed (hell and YouTube and Twitter – see that pretty little “Join Us” box in the upper right hand side?!) and check out our mo’MoneyTV and Pass Me the Pork channels too! :)

“Iz da shizzle BAM bizzle! Fo real!”

P.S. We’re always open to helpful suggestions!

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