Another year, and another pandemic-potential flu virus outbreak. This year’s hoopla is over the swine influenza (H1N1) virus (swine flu) outbreaks in pigs which has also traversed to humans. Granted, this is frightening stuff. Perhaps what’s more frightening about this outbreak than other recent avian flu outbreaks is that not only are these closer to home, but that there have already been confirmed cases in humans from California to New York City. The outbreak seems to have spread from Mexico outward, as eight students at a New York Catholic high school that contracted swine flu had been to Mexico over spring break just two weeks ago.

Grounding ourselves back to reality, with so many protective measures now being taken, it’s likely that this outbreak will eventually fizzle out like those in previous years. Already many of the students are recovering, and with the heightening level of awareness people will be extra cautious. For those who want extra protection, I’ve heard that Sambucol (black elderberry extract) may be helpful in warding off flu virus attacks.

In the meantime, with all the hype around this outbreak (#swineflu is the top tweeted phrase on Twitter today!) is there some way to Pass Me The Pork on this crazy PIG FLU?!

Already Friday, several of the top flu vaccine “penny stocks” began moving sharply higher, and there’s likely more potential opportunity for greater moves higher on Monday. The current leader is NASD:NVAX (Novavax, Inc.), already up 75% on Friday alone. Scientists at Novavax have successfully developed the first multi-strain flu vaccine, though it may not be FDA approved in time to help with the current flu outbreak. As these stocks will already likely gap even higher pre-market Monday morning, you better watch the price action closely, don’t chase, and consider scaling in as higher bases form. If it’s too wild, stay away and wait until they calm down.

Some of these stocks may also turn out to be great shorts later this week. For disclosure purposes, I already managed to pick up some shares in a few of these stocks on Friday so I already have a nice little cushion, and will watch closely Monday for the opportunity to add more (or begin unloading if one of these stocks just goes completely berserk).  But remember… Don’t stick around too long, hit and run baby! Well, enough rambling…

Here’s the list of stocks to consider (NVAX – Novavax, BCRX – Biocryst, GNBT – Generex, SVA – Sinovax, and MYL – Mylan/Roche/Tamiflu/oseltamivir). From the charts and data below, you’ll also notice a few of them have built up a significant short interest for some seriously whopping short-squeeze potential. Do your due diligence, don’t blink, and you just may be able to turn these pigs into some of your own PORK!


Swine Flu / Avian Flu Stocks - tymoraPRO.com ChartMontage

Swine Flu / Avian Flu Stocks - tymoraPRO.com ChartMontage

NVAX - Novavax 3m tymoraPRO chart from Friday

NVAX - Novavax 3m tymoraPRO chart from Friday



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  • traderjoey:

    I managed to grab some shares of nvax friday afternoon just before it really started flying. i’m a happy camper today, just wish I had bought more

    • several of these stocks like NVAX and SVA went so crazy I sold all my shares by 8am or so. Scalped some more in NVAX and even caught some moves back on the short side. They may not be completely done yet, depending on how things play out with this “pandemic”, but with another 80% in pre-market trading before 8am why get greedy. can always get back in again if it makes sense.

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