Best Recession Biz: Flipping Burgers Over Obama!

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Photo art by Michelle.

The economy might be in the can but all hail the Commander of Cheese!

Inarguably, the current state of the economy is grim if not hopeless. Economic forecasters expect unemployment numbers to continue to rise. For those of you fretting over a pink slip fear not! Entrepreneurism in the fast food industry is alive and well in the greater Washington D.C. metro area. If you’re just a short drive from the District, consider cashing in a last unemployment check, tying on an apron and start flippin’ burgers. Say what?! Yup, flipping burgers for the politicos along the Potomac is the new cash cow. Should Prez Obama and entourage stop in at your greasy spoon for a bite the overnight over lunch publicity could have you bringing home the bacon.


Need proof? Watch the most recent Presidential burger run on TMZ. Ray’s Hell Burger’s proprietor brags to the cameraman about his booming burger biz post-Obama. Aside from President being the first African-American to serve in the White House, he’s also the first Prez to capture the celebrity worthiness of the paparazzi (and outside Hollywierd’s Thirty Mile Zone).

Prior to Ray’s, the President was filmed by NBC chowing down at Five Guys Burgers and Fries (popular in Baltimore and Washington) giving the chain of burger joints national exposure. The President’s order was enough to cause instant heartburn for most and Dick Cheney cardiac arrest: a cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, jalapeno peppers and mustard. Barack’s penchant for spicy French mustards has recently stirred much debate. Yes, seriously.  Google +Obama +Dijon +Mustard to see what America is talking about. Who knows, maybe Obama’s celebrity will land him an endorsement deal with Grey Poupon! Unfortunately his preference for Dijon mustard has not won over French President Sarkozy. Perhaps portraying the likeness of an Average Joe only woos the hearts and minds of average Americans.


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  • Nice Post. I think Obama needs to do a lot more to improve the American economy in particular and world economy in general. We still are waiting for the so called “CHANGE”

  • trooperblooper:

    Obama should return to party in NY in his private (public) jet –its OK, he is now CEO of General Motors, so he is entitled, even if its at taxpayer expense. He should visit Grey’s Papaya. Two franks and a papaya taste better than a burger. The recent price is much more than a year ago, even though they tell you its recession pricing. I remember your Obama-Pizza vid to see what’s in store for us down the line.

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