Donald Trump Fires Miss California and Her Breasts – Perez Hilton Sez Hallelujah!

Updated – Just a month after Donald Trump held a press conference and announced his benevolent decision to keep Carrie Prejean and her admirable breasts crowned as Miss California, this afternoon the Donald revoked his choice.  First Runner Up, Miss Malibu Tami Farrell is now the reigning Miss California.

Rumor is that Miss Prejean’s ego got carried away as she refused to attend nearly thirty events as Miss California.  Keith Lewis, the Executive Director of the Miss California USA pageant stated that Prejean was dethroned due to “…contract violations including Ms. Prejean’s unwillingness to make appearances on behalf of the Miss California USA organization.”. Can’t imagine that Perez Hilton would be at each and every one with a mob of angry Prop 8 protestors?!  However, in a phone interview for TMZ.com Prejean claimed that Lewis tried to pimp her out to Playboy magazine for a $140,000 semi-nude gig.  It’s understandable that a devout Christian gal might take offense to such an offer.  Getting paid six figures to pose parially naked?!!!  Sweet Jesus! Can’t blame the pageant for wanting to cash in on a Playboy spread.  After all, they want and expect a return on their breast augmentation investment.

Miss Prejean’s former modeling agent, Francine Champagne of Visions Model Management in Los Angeles said of Prejean, “I just felt like she was a little nutty and I’d rather not represent someone with that mind frame and I just think she is a problem, and I did not feel that she was of the utmost professionalism and she did not follow through on her side of the bargain so therefore we decided to cut our losses and let her go.”. Even the Donald was quoted as saying “To me she was the sweetest thing. Everyone else — she treated like s**t.”.

Judging by those few statements Carrie is either difficult to work with OR someone who really does stand her ground.  Miss Prejean certainly has a talent for commanding press and a captivated audience – there’s probably more of her to come.  So, what will it be next for the former beauty queen…a possible stint on Celebrity Apprentice?  She’s got the hook up in the bag.


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