Donald Trump and Jesus Admire Miss California and Her Breasts!!!

The Donald and Jesus both support Miss California's freedom of speech and lacking attire.  Photo art by Michelle.

After reviewing Miss California's topless photographs, Donald Trump turned to Carrie Prejean's chest and said, "Girls, YOU'RE STILL HIRED!". Photo art by Michelle.

Miss California has stirred up a seriously steamy and faBOOBulous scandal!

With her infamous anti-”opposite marriage” statement finally at a low simmer in the media (unless you’re tweetaholic Perez Hilton), Carrie Prejean’s boobs have now become THE titillating topic of controversy.  And the word is Satan’s pissed that he doesn’t get dibs for being the mastermind behind this one.  Jesus and Carrie Prejean’s glorious God given pre-augmented breasts get all the credit.

First came these bootyful topless snaps of an allegedly seventeen-year-old Christian Carrie Prejean.  Oopsie, implied nipple slip numero uno.  Then another pre-boobie job nippy slip photo set (of legal age) was uncovered as now famously displayed on  Oopsie numero dos.  Could that be an “oopsie” too many for a moral and devout Christian girlie?  Shall it be “off with her crown” for Miss California or shall she “eat cake”?

During a press conference Tuesday morning, Donald Trump expressed his great admiration for Miss Prejean’s choice of executing her right of freedom of speech and her exquisite taste for invisible blouses.  Prior to the press statement, the Donald was overheard muttering “Oh Jesus” while reviewing Miss California’s topless photographs with immaculate scrutiny.

After much thought and consideration for encouraging high standards for young women’s self-esteem, both Mr. Trump and the pageant board are satisfied with the pageant’s past and modern decision to finance Miss California’s breast augmentationMr. Trump and pageant officials look forward to a bright breasty future as Carrie Prejean continues her reign as Miss California 2009.

After reviewing Miss California’s topless photographs Donald Trump turned to Carrie Prejean’s chest and said, “Girls, YOU’RE STILL HIRED!”



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  • Dear Michelle 8)
    You guys in US, you are so excited over a topless girl. Come to Sweden and visit a public beach and you will be overwhelmed by lots of girls wearing nothing at the top :wink:

    Best regard

    • Hey Mats :lol: We have nudie beaches here in the U.S. – not everyone is Puritanical! If Miss California was just a girl pursuing a modeling career no one would care what she had to say about gay marriage, topless photos, Satan or Jesus. People are upset that a nice Christian girl keeps making contradictions! And the public feels that if she’s representing the State of California or possibly as Miss USA she shouldn’t fib or breach her contract. After all, we have enough politicians that fib – we don’t need our beauty queens too! Who knows, maybe Carrie has a future in politics like former beauty queen Sarah Palin. :P

      • I was perhaps a little bit to fast in my comments. But if you look at it that way and the girls is supposed to be an idol and a model for many young girls, she must of course behave. 8)
        I didnt noticed that Ms Palin hs been a former beaty queen. Perhaps I shall read her new book coming soon. :wink:

        Best regards,

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