Craigslist to PIMP SEX ADS for a FEE!

Craigslist keeps their pimp hand strong.

The economy has taken a spanking and beginning next week Craigslist’s cyber strumpets may be screwed out of hooking hot dates on the popular classified ad website.

Craigslist has decided to put a “red light” on the “erotic services” section of their website in response to legal woes from troubled hos and pressure from law enforcement.  Last month a young “masseuse” had her life abruptly cut short in a Boston hotel room after receiving an out call from her Craigslist listing.  As of today, upon entering Craigslist’s sexy time pages, a visitor is informed via waiver releasing Craigslist of any liability from whatever kinky and perverted rendezvous’ the visitor may be seeking.  Craigslist keeps their pimp hand strong and cautions their johns and aspiring “models” with this message: “Human trafficking and exploitation of minors are not tolerated – any suspected activity will be reported to law enforcement.” By the yellow highlighting and bold text I think they mean serious business.

The erotic services section will become “adult services” and all adult listings will be reviewed for approval by a staff member. Craigslist remains “hard and firm” :shock: in their decision to only accept listings from “legal” adult providers.  However, there is a “happy ending” from these new changes as Craigslist should benefit from the additional pimping revenue created by the ten dollar per ad adult listing fees. Conversely, that means price inflation for your massagey time (assuming your service provider will be allowed to advertise). So, in the meantime, you’d better squeeze in and rub out one last tryst from your friendly, local working guy/gal/or transgendered person. :eek:

As for me, I’ll miss my Tuesday soapy sensual bathtime body slide nooners with freaky, hot harlot, Lana. The fluffy towels were the best! For those of you who like a well-rounded rump, Kim Kardashian is broadening her career on Craigslist by allowing you to explore her back country.  And judging by the pic, she’s got Bridget Jones beat with a “bottom the size of Brazil”.  Tri-state area pervs, check out this listing and give her a call while she’s in town, baby!



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