BEWARE Malicious eventvwr SCAM from Indian Call Center

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Apparently, this is a scam that’s been going around for a couple of years now, and can be especially dangerous for unsuspecting, less computer-savvy target victims. While many of the scam reports I’ve come across seem to have targeted England and Australia, it would appear that the scammers are now targeting more Americans as well. Today, we received one such call. The scam goes as follows:

You get a call from some Indian guy with a generic name such as “Adam Smith” who explains to you in horribly broken English that he’s a registered Microsoft technician and has received a call alerting him that your IP address is the source for serious attacks on their servers due to multiple computer virus infections on your end. If you ask for any information on the source or target IP addresses involved, the person will attempt to deflect the question, and inform you that he/she is unauthorized to provide you that information!

They will proceed to try convincing you that your computer is full of viruses (based on some standard status and error messages automatically generated by your computer), and they try to get you to grant them complete access to your entire computer (passwords, credit cards, everything) via the free “Ammyy Admin” remote desktop control software. If you don’t agree to buy their crappy, useless, and thieving “support services”, they’ll use the computer access you openly granted them to screw up your computer and randomly delete stuff (watch them erasing things off the desktop in this video).

‘Nuff said… BE WARNED, ALWAYS BE WARY, and never fall for some schmuck on the phone trying to con information out of you, or get you to run any type of software on your PC.

Watch the video to see exactly how this scam plays out.


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