Teacher Taught SEX ED One On One!

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Schoolboys fantasize about it.  Porn sites are devoted to it.  So, when a sexy female teacher on the prowl lustfully brushes up against a young, red-blooded male cub student it’s presumable that he won’t cry out, “Don’t Stand So Close to Me”.  For a horny and hopeful young man, after school detention may lead to private and hands-on lessons in sexual education.  After all, only a dunce wouldn’t be hot for that willing teacher!

There’s really no way to skirt around the issue of double standards.  American culture dictates that it’s taboo for an older male teacher to offer sexual guidance to an innocent and sweet underage schoolgirl, right?  Society instantaneously shouts “sex offender”, “sexual deviant” and “statutory rape”, without any regard or reservation for which party might have initiated the randy trysts.  Best to reserve those barely legal Lolita reveries for your pay-site subscriptions.

However, in the reverse it’s kosher if not lauded for a teenage boy to be hard up for an archetypical hottie like Ms. Doumé (due-may) as illustrated in the picture above.  The young stud that scores a notch on his belt with a Ms. Doumé is guaranteed points in the locker room, the attention of jealous high school girls and a loving slap on the back from ole Dad. Unless the school marm could be mistakened for a brick house rather than a Brickhouse Betty as in the recent, alleged case against the large and lovely New York City teacher, Melissa Weber.  The 27-year-old social studies teach was arrested for getting too “social” with a 14-year-old boy in a Jamaica Queens clASSsroom.  Ms. Weber is accused of rape (which she may very well be guilty of) and lots of sullied sexting.

It will be telling if plain Jane Ms. Weber will receive as much media interest as her Playboy-esque colleague, Debra Lafave did back in 2004 (since all charges against Lafave have been dropped ).  Who knows, maybe Nick Carter will release a press statement that he lost his virginity a second time to Weber.  Doubtful!

Readers, is it hot to be Hot for Teacher?  Or just ill?



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