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We came across these nine adorable lil city ducklings and their Mom while taking a stroll by the West 79th Street Boat Basin at Riverside Park on Manhattan’s Upper Westside. Hope you find them as cute and loveable as we did, despite their rather turbulent surroundings.

Music: “Lilly…so far away” by Fireproof Babies



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  • Lovely vid, thanx for uploading it

  • i feed these to my snake, it’s really entertaining to watch

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  • cute! they cant get across a cute ducky bridge

  • Great video but your demands are annoying.

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  • A rather pleasant and suitable piece of music to this charming little natural happening. Thanks to God for the happening, and thanks to you for giving me the opportunity to have this video among my channel`s favourites.

  • That takes me back to when my grandparents raised ducks in their pond. Thanks for bringing that memory back!

  • most adorable thing ive ever seen

  • it’s cute when all of them jump to the land thing

  • I have two pekin ducks they are great pets .

  • Aww! I love how at 1:28 – 1:33 when the mum walks away, and the ducklings take a little while to realise she’s gone and need to catch up. :D

  • That is Sooo adorable! How wonderful that you were able to capture that on video! Nice job!…

  • i once a a box full of baby ducks to be shipped to a farm, were soooooooo cute exept for the fact they kept quacking and i was like 6 or 7 so i was afraid id get quacked on (physicaly) if i petted them : /

  • The begging text at the end of the video ruined it for me. I hate that stuff.

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