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PLEASE RATE, COMMENT, FAVE, VID RESPONSE, SUBSCRIBE & FRIEND US! Little Six-year-oldish Heiress Vienna Marriott takes on dinner table etiquette in her own twisted way, and leaves us all with a very big surprise!

Michelle Renee Coudon as Little Vienna Marriott and Mrs. Marriott
Alexander Paul Morris as Mr. Marriott



  • Anonymous:

    You are so nice!!!

  • That was absolutely hilarious. The only thing they didn’t cover was fartng and burping at the table. What’s the gardners’ number (just wondering). I sort of NEED him.

  • youtube comments:

    3mmerz (22 hours ago)

    ahh.. first!
    XoAngelFace777Xo (22 hours ago)

    lmaoo the wife is totally sleeping with the gardener, and the daughter is adorable i love how she wants to piss of her mom on purpose xD
    CarlProductions (22 hours ago)

    chathamboy12 (22 hours ago)

    i guess it good :)chathamboy12
    Zenon96 (22 hours ago)

    what the?
    PunkChick841 (22 hours ago)

    lmao I loved this video! Especially when she was in the bathroom cussin’ and stuff.

    “Poopy motherfucker, Piece of shit, piece of caca”… I really liked turd nugget, that made me giggle.. haha. I’m easily amused.
    xgobobeanx (22 hours ago)

    lol clever!
    vlogolution (6 hours ago)

    thnx chica!
    kailynleto (22 hours ago)

    you’re so stiff…that’s what she said
    heavennevaeh (22 hours ago)

    smileyousee (22 hours ago)

    great job
    DominationVideos (21 hours ago)

    LMAO VITAMIN A! aha eat it paco! “the potty mouth” ahaha bathroom words! lmao poopy mother fucker!
    rikuisawanker (21 hours ago)

    your a lincoln log
    Lidowyte (21 hours ago)

    Love it! and hey! — I just got a real breast reduction!…went from a double D to a B! Wha-hoooo!!!! Great video…very funny!
    CoventryRD (21 hours ago)

    The actress is sexiest woman I have ever,ever,seen. Keep up the GREAT work guys
    chocolatelabsrule (21 hours ago)

    Great Laugh Guys!!!
    tonyfamous (21 hours ago)

    lol. when i was a kid and my dog wouldn’t eat the food i didn’t like i would hide it in his ass too. 5 stars.
    ShinyEmeralds (21 hours ago)

    Lmfao! at the end:
    Poopy Mother Fucker!
    Peice Of Shit!
    Peice of Ka-ka!
    Ugly Little Turd Face!
    Turd Nuget!
    RakaiThwei (21 hours ago)

    Hmmm… This is funny!
    3DDodger (21 hours ago)

    Yawl cracking us up again ,maybe Bridget or Holly will buy yer a Puppy like theres at the Mansion
    borama (20 hours ago)

    fun stuff!!!
    fairestbitchofthem (20 hours ago)
    +5 Poor comment Good comment

    hahahaha!!!! my brother used to stick his veggies in all sorts of weird places too. i’m favoriting this one!
    ginareginapina (20 hours ago)

    imagemak8r (20 hours ago)

    Another classic. 5 stars guys.
    fang1961 (20 hours ago)

    VeRy FuNnY !!
    casperzgfp (20 hours ago)

    it tastes like shit, hahahahah nice vid
    n1temairdr1fter (20 hours ago)

    someone needs a little spanking… lol
    Alidore4 (20 hours ago)

    my grandma has fleas on her pubes
    amaio001 (20 hours ago)

    Cute kid, I love the video!! #5
    amaio001 (20 hours ago)

    This is so funny it should be a skit on mad tv!!
    phishywishy (20 hours ago)

    i laughed so hard at the end i have a cramp. ouch.
    MYNARUALGA (20 hours ago)

    LOL!!! Love it. The tower looked like a penis. LOL. Did anyone else notice the microphone that was covered up by Mommy’s hair? Still Awesome though.
    reginapinagina (20 hours ago)

    That carrot did look like a penis! I think she said it was her palace and I was thinking phallus.
    sexymotha69 (20 hours ago)

    So adorable. Even for a little turd nugget. ROFL.
    benpopp (19 hours ago)

    evilducky00 (19 hours ago)

    so funny I might piss my pants
    JoRIOT (18 hours ago)

    LMAO!!!! POOPER xD
    Coldmetallicsteel (17 hours ago)

    StefanogamFans (17 hours ago)

    FOXTR121 (16 hours ago)

    lol so funny! ! !
    guitarrox (15 hours ago)

    Lmao very funny vid RoXOn
    UnCreativeBeliever (15 hours ago)

    great job
    1SnowWhiteQueen1 (15 hours ago)

    That was hilarious, I’m glad I subscribed.
    RaymidnightX (15 hours ago)

    nice pair
    Red Ribbins
    VampireHeart8 (14 hours ago)

    Vienna has perfect laugter!! and the vid is really cool!!loved it!
    martyg3469 (14 hours ago)

    very good i gota shit :D
    nickypiro (13 hours ago)

    LOL i love it
    EvilDictatress (12 hours ago)

    great stuff
    tigerwoman (12 hours ago)

    One of your best videos, vlogolution. The acting was quiet professional too. :lol:
    rdj218 (12 hours ago)

    Wow, what a convincingly annoying lady. Paris Hilton if she were a mom?
    …Will you do one now on how hard a mom with young kids work? …and how she works alllllll day then the hubby comes home and says “what have you done today…anything at all? Then the hubby drops his clothes in the middle of the floor to add to the mess and asks…”did you get any cleaning done today?”

    “I’m hungry, have you made dinner yet?” “I have a basketball party tonight, so you can take the kids right?”
    vlogolution (5 hours ago)

    lol…wow, now that sounds like reality tv.
    thebestguyever91 (11 hours ago)

    thats soo good
    BadFellas4life (11 hours ago)

    sipulibommaus (11 hours ago)
    -1 Poor comment Good comment

    gnistregn (9 hours ago)

    Good work!
    serverthetilted (8 hours ago)

    adults are fuckin retards i swear
    poetcat (6 hours ago)

    some are smart but I sort of agre.
    8Giraffe8 (8 hours ago)

    That’s good… :D
    saripapatyasmin (8 hours ago)

    RacerX2422 (7 hours ago)

    Not funny
    sallyfostersxox (7 hours ago)

    they so weird its not funny
    LoveHannahMontana06 (7 hours ago)

    LMAO!!! That was funny. I loved it!! XD
    girwoo (7 hours ago)

    its not funny but its good.
    vainihminen (7 hours ago)

    Great. Althought I didn’t care much for the “girl”. The adult discussion was much more amusing.
    davidhd05 (7 hours ago)

    very good work
    eon2 (7 hours ago)

    love the PH and sound effects
    bubejunkie (7 hours ago)

    man..i want that shit YOU guys are smoking. Looks awesome! …i wouldn’t be a bubejunkie if i didn’t say this so….. im just gonna say it and i mean no disrespect what so ever! Grrrreat Boobs!!! keep being funny.. i’ll keep watching.
    onewithguitar (7 hours ago)

    ………………… huh?
    xMuSiCsweetheartx (6 hours ago)

    the girl’s a bit annoying
    the adults rocked
    orki1960 (6 hours ago)

    Homer “d’oh” always makes me laugh. Glad to see the Gay Salmonella hair style isn’t permanent. No quiero zanahoria. Reminds of my baby sister when she was little, in the car, she started rambling off random words and ended on the word “sh*t”. My mom ignored it but my middle sister and I roared with laughter.
    newyorksbabygurl (6 hours ago)

    lmfao. man ur vids r funny az
    poetcat (6 hours ago)

    MattVnation (6 hours ago)

    Hilarious vid!5 Stars!
    vlogolution Rocks!!

    JetRanger0007 (6 hours ago)

    This is Why theres FORECLOSURES on homes because of Stupidity and Ignorance!
    isahopsasa (6 hours ago)

    typical family :D loved it 5 stars, it’s your best movie ever. :)
    vlogolution (6 hours ago)

    hey everybody!!! hehe…thanks so much for your comments. and if you have a POTTY-MOUTH be sure to share it here!!!! hahahahahahah….turd nugget tootsie roll head!
    iheartvivalabam (6 hours ago)

    chelsiejo1994 (6 hours ago)

    i made myself look like mommy
    wishsupastar (6 hours ago)

    loved it!
    FoamyFan01 (6 hours ago)

    cassierocks999 (6 hours ago)

    that was good
    mileyrocks101x3 (6 hours ago)

    Thelovelychristina (6 hours ago)

    LOL, funny!
    hihippls344 (6 hours ago)

    lol. that was awesome.
    fatwhiteandnerdy (5 hours ago)

    shit shit shit shit shit i dropped taco!
    HeAdShOt787 (5 hours ago)

    well theres is only 3 letters to explain this… WTF???
    shelbyk114 (5 hours ago)

    DewbieHaut (5 hours ago)

    Cha! Rah!
    mezo113113 (5 hours ago)

    Tubyboulin (5 hours ago)

    Haha, love the Ending. Great Video…and the last thing she said Reallllllly disturbed me
    halobattle360 (4 hours ago)

    lol thats hilarious
    leatherface5476 (4 hours ago)

    ADDIE032 (4 hours ago)

    omg! this is so funny!:^)
    swtvalina (4 hours ago)

    I dont get what the point of that was??
    spheremaster (4 hours ago)

    It has been so long since I had my Nestle Rabbit Cup!
    NanakoNeko (4 hours ago)

    yeah this is stupid
    Whoo69 (4 hours ago)

    ExStrikesBack (4 hours ago)

    There should have been a fart.
    FoamyFan01 (4 hours ago)

    funny as hell
    kconstantinople (4 hours ago)

    ROCKER254 (3 hours ago)

    lol funny. i loved it. the last thing she sed was disturbing but.. still funny! awesome vid!
    AuTuMmRoSeS (3 hours ago)

    LOL! She’s in the restroom! I do that all the time lol!
    HorseLuver1314 (3 hours ago)

    lmao. that a lot of things to do. i can do all except video espnse. great job :)) what one are you?
    stinkfly27 (3 hours ago)

    She’s both. She plays both girls
    HorseLuver1314 (2 hours ago)

    oh yeah! that would make sense right??? lol thanks
    funkymunky0320 (3 hours ago)

    stinkfly27 (3 hours ago)

    soccerchamp555 (3 hours ago)

    hey vienna that waz a rely cool, funny, awesome vid! it was rely funny. so did u play the mom and daughter? thx 4 sharin the cool vid
    vlogolution (3 hours ago)

    yup, played both! ;o)
    Jellyfish9999 (3 hours ago)

    Lol that was funny
    Starflower900 (3 hours ago)

    Lol so funny!
    Stefanogam (2 hours ago)

    lol! :D
    supermassivefuntime (2 hours ago)

    lol wtf?
    xXfahriaXx (2 hours ago)

    …. tht woz strange! lol!
    yourhotzac (2 hours ago)

    lol nice…
    MYNARUALGA (2 hours ago)

    ROFLMAO!!! Still as funny a third time around. I love Taco!!! Vienna was AWESOME too!!! “Mommy, I think I’m done now. Can you come whipe? Tee-hee-hee” Perfect way to end it. That would have pesuaded me to subscribe it was not already subscribed. Keep up the INCREDIBLE work.
    MYNARUALGA (2 hours ago)

    I meant to type “persuaded”
    KavernKitty (2 hours ago)

    Pruning my bushes… Downsizing… and bathroom words Oh My I havent stopped Laughing Yet!!!
    JesseGuitar07 (2 hours ago)

    hey buddy!Good job:)very funny!D
    5/5 from me!
    RandomRumor (2 hours ago)

    Insanely hilarious!!
    MinixMeow (2 hours ago)

    0-0 inice.
    baybaybee3 (2 hours ago)

    the funniest vid i’ve ever seen!!! honestly…sounds lyk mi baby cuzzin at the table….lol
    kaptainkaraoke (2 hours ago)

    very funny
    mcky650 (2 hours ago)

    yeah pretty funny really hot! chicks
    bravesfan94 (2 hours ago)

    wow creepy but f*** funny
    IamGengar (1 hour ago)

    I want to fuck her in the ass. xD
    doda26 (1 hour ago)

    The gardener is doing a great job “pruning my bushes”!! This orange food taste like Shit!! Great Job guys!!!!!!
    MyRabbitMilkshake (1 hour ago)

    i couldn’t have described orange stuff any better
    HaydenLvr101 (1 hour ago)

    Thats soooo funny!

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