I WANT KETCHUP ON MY SPAGHETTI!… Bitch – Little POTTY MOUTH Vienna Table Manners Part Deux

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PLEASE RATE, COMMENT, FAVE, VID RESPONSE, SUBSCRIBE and FRIEND US! Little Six-year-oldish Heiress Vienna Marriott is back with more dinner table etiquette. Slurp slurp, bitch – pass me the spaghetti and ketchup!

Michelle Renee Coudon as Little Vienna Marriott and Mrs. Marriott
Alexander Paul Morris as Mr. Marriott



  • Comments from YouTube users:

    borama (1 week ago)
    another classic – 5/5 baby!

    9921yourwong (1 week ago)

    fairestbitchofthem (1 week ago)

    fun spaghetti goodness
    ginareginapina (1 week ago)

    rockstarr1212 (1 week ago)

    haha good job!!!
    imagemak8r (1 week ago)

    Good work. Now I’m hungry.
    iwannabeamoviestar (1 week ago)

    ketchup?? on SPAGHETTI!!!???? grodie
    phishywishy (1 week ago)

    Uh oh. She called her mom a bitch…lol
    richgirldesigns (1 week ago)

    Kathandguizmo (1 week ago)

    hahhahahahahahahah good work bitch the part 2 is better :D !!a quand la part trois ??
    vlogolution (6 days ago)

    thanks! there will be more of little vienna!!!
    theofficialretard (1 week ago)

    Rofl sweet
    jeffsadowski (6 days ago)

    too drawn out.
    rikuisawanker (6 days ago)

    hahahaha u guys make me laugh so hard
    kevinjacotey (6 days ago)

    bitch hahaaha xD!!
    good job
    SeizureChords (6 days ago)

    I’ll bet Ya Honeypie’s kisses taste like garlic, Ba Ba Biotch !
    1slowturtle (6 days ago)

    lol. hahahaha.
    KavernKitty (6 days ago)

    ketchup is gods great cover up condiment!!
    hrisy96 (6 days ago)

    ok i just ate spaghetti today with ketchut tryied it for first time i was going to throw up it tastes like s**t
    ROCKER254 (6 days ago)

    that was awesome!
    qualqui (6 days ago)

    hahahahahahahahahahaha,…God, laughed so hard i cried!And at the end, she finally meets a guy who also slurps his spaghettis! And the end, something really SPECIAL!!!
    giovanninoal (6 days ago)

    fantastico 5 stelle
    teamawesomerocks (6 days ago)

    ew…the recycling part…she’s crazy haha
    LooneyTooneyGirl (6 days ago)

    loved it!!!
    tps607 (6 days ago)

    sweet girl!
    liveangel93 (6 days ago)

    Moral of the story is, spaghetti is more fun to eat when you slurp it with ketchup! Might be a tad embarrassing when the ketchup drips off your chin though.
    dherae (6 days ago)

    What! No garlic bread?? For shame!
    justwatchin07 (6 days ago)

    haha, taco’s cute :) tonyfamous (6 days ago)

    lol. ketchup is the best condiment because it comes in small packets that are easy to steal from fast food restaurants. 5 stars.
    RakaiThwei (6 days ago)

    Eeeeeew… Snot spaghetti.. Heh heh heh! Funny!
    Romexmagi69 (6 days ago)

    Everyone always has such great hair in your vids. Even the taco dog.
    casperzgfp (6 days ago)

    bitch, its funny wen u say that!
    casperzgfp (6 days ago)

    oh btw i want some spagetti now.
    slowjoker (6 days ago)

    ha ha i love these vids.
    MacAmbo (6 days ago)

    The poor mans spaghetti sauce – butter & ketchup!!! Yummmmmmy!
    shallbeknown (6 days ago)

    i love the song!! but vid was stupid azz shit…sorry..
    MacAmbo (6 days ago)

    P.S. I love love love nurping sloodles, too!
    EAC1111 (6 days ago)

    BITCH!!!! I said I got an itch LOL.
    bigbos101 (6 days ago)

    Sick but funny … but sick :P Stefanogam (6 days ago)

    LOL! Funny video. I love to eat spaghetti!
    Ciao!!! ^_^
    MaMaButterfly2007 (6 days ago)

    tigerwoman (6 days ago)

    It’s good to recycle. :lol: RODalicious (6 days ago)

    Bitch!!lol **
    pinkason (6 days ago)

    milincoln (6 days ago)

    I think this Video could have been about 4 mins shorter, and you would have had the same point come across.
    Jerolim01 (6 days ago)

    Awesome funny.
    T8az (6 days ago)

    this is funny
    theloathlydaddy (6 days ago)

    Hahaha, virtuoso performance as little Vienna. “My slurping days are over” LOL. Hey, my brother used to make spaghetti sandwiches when he was younger, he probably still does actually. Don’t know about adding ketchup though, that’s kind of gross…
    RyuHayabusaDOA4 (6 days ago)

    lol that was good.
    FOXTR121 (6 days ago)

    nordmotoriduttori (6 days ago)

    I was very amused by this video, congratulations to all.
    Michelle you been formidable
    ss2gogeta999 (6 days ago)

    nice job
    AllyH015 (6 days ago)

    x lol x Poor Vienna, she could have been slurping her spaghetti noodles all those years, oh man!!!
    JesseGuitar07 (6 days ago)

    Good job!really sounds nice!
    congratulations !
    isahopsasa (6 days ago)

    HAHA FUNNY :D BadFellas4life (6 days ago)

    LOL! Hilarious!

    Now, after watching this I got a craving for sphagetti!


    Anyways, keep them coming, beautiful!
    TheSweetshit (6 days ago)

    its good to recycleeeeeeeeee
    justacliche (6 days ago)

    haha,thatz interesting,good point,i mean if a guy dont wanna marry u cos u slurp spaguetti,replace him.haha.good performance,lol
    Coldmetallicsteel (6 days ago)

    Amdog11 (6 days ago)

    hahhhhahah!!!!! roflmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kikyoshere (6 days ago)

    marjay11 (6 days ago)

    yikes!!!!!still funny…
    scat4u (6 days ago)

    slurp all you want.
    videoblast (6 days ago)

    Punky Longstocking. COOL
    Savannah917 (6 days ago)

    I love, love, love, love this video, thumbs up
    feetthattik (6 days ago)

    couturebabe17 (6 days ago)

    omg sooooooo funny!!! lmao!
    superiores (6 days ago)

    bitch… LOL!!!
    shelbyk114 (6 days ago)

    Taco are slurping days are over LMAO
    kachowinternational (6 days ago)

    wait is this sarah silverman’s channel?
    ska8tergurl123 (6 days ago)

    lol!!! totally faving.
    ltd2gurl300 (6 days ago)

    helk ya!u told me to recycle!
    choxiedoxie3 (6 days ago)

    u guys r soo funny and talented! uu guys deserve to be on TV!
    fatwhiteandnerdy (6 days ago)

    slurp slurp bitch lol
    lawbn (6 days ago)

    Ehhhh, o.o. Wow? Not bad but errrr…
    moneymadman398 (6 days ago)

    McGturtle3 (6 days ago)

    OMG..O_O I Want That Nesquick Cup
    lynnanemone209 (6 days ago)

    bitch lol!!!
    xLuckyStuffx (6 days ago)

    hehe funny! bitch =)
    raquelxoxo (6 days ago)

    Rblizzo (6 days ago)

    omg lol lmao
    FoamyFan01 (6 days ago)

    lol funny bitch lol funny
    kasedojt176 (6 days ago)

    sexy video =]
    kasedojt176 (6 days ago)

    omg i keep watching this video!! XDDDD ketchup ketchup ketchup!!! =]
    Visaymay (6 days ago)

    SushiOwnz1654 (6 days ago)

    but i looooooooooveeeee ketchup LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! :D Nice. XD.
    Snowballthehamster (6 days ago)

    lol….like the spaghetti hair on the dog……sooooo funny. ^^
    doda26 (6 days ago)

    Great Job!! I`m laughing my ass off! I`m looking for a woman who likes to slurp the noodles too!
    hihippls344 (6 days ago)

    lol….”taco, our slurping days are over,” XD
    manacola (6 days ago)

    lol bitch … ohh i said my head itches ^_*
    Nickstar19Online (6 days ago)

    This Is Funny Shit right Here 5 *****’s
    jigglezpoo (6 days ago)

    those are the biggest boobs i have ever seen on a six year old lol
    Dee3BoobTube (6 days ago)

    The words at the end were going so fast! I thought I saw “vivid response it” and “suspend it” xD

    I don’t understand why you kept having the Charlie-Brown-adult-voices thing going sometimes.
    vlogolution (5 days ago)

    little vienna’s tuning out her parents and that’s all she’s hearing while their busy squabbling away. thanks all of you for all the great comments, keep ‘em coming!!! LUV YOU ALL!!! :-D Dee3BoobTube (5 days ago)

    That’s what I figured at first, but it was going on while we were looking at the parents, too.

    LTDANMAN44 (6 days ago)

    i weep for humanity
    lambent33 (5 days ago)

    Honey…I’m sure you will have no problem getting boys,(with all that practicing)when you grow up. Your mother should know this. ;) realleahsworld (5 days ago)

    Hilarious and well done!!
    Zenon96 (5 days ago)

    the dad is so weird!
    vlogolution (5 days ago)

    please elaborate!!
    Zenon96 (5 days ago)

    jamie0989 (5 days ago)

    Sitting around all day, eating Haagen Dazs doesn’t sound so bad. lol. Sweet video!
    jadou88 (5 days ago)

    totoly long it could have ben done in one minute than it would have ben great
    vlogolution (5 days ago)

    guess that’s great if you’re a one minute kind of man :X
    iabhornc (5 days ago)

    Great video
    iabhornc (5 days ago)

    LOL! I used to do that (i.e. put ketchup on my spagetti). At the time, I didn’t think anything of it. Now, I find ketchup on spaghetti really disgusting. Even though this is fictional, in reality, I hate it when parents use that whole thing of not having a significant other. At times, it actuallly happens :( trooperblooper (5 days ago)

    To iabhorne; If you have a thing for ketchup, be sure to check out Hotroast’s Tara Reid’s ketchup.?
    littlexuean (5 days ago)

    her mom is seriously bitchy. =D
    LucyFan73 (5 days ago)

    Nice video! Very funny!
    PsiMusique (5 days ago)

    I guess I just didn’t get it. I couldn’t even bear to sit through the whole thing.
    shrkattck88 (5 days ago)

    that was obnoxious. i got through one minute.
    30GEM (5 days ago)

    People found this funny?!?

    How the hell did it get such a high rating :S
    mMmmc0ffee (5 days ago)

    Honestly, I found this quite boring.
    VampireHeart8 (5 days ago)

    well, i looooved it!! vienna is so wierd!!
    rippsterman (5 days ago)

    HAHA! Sugar and bit much on the spice aye!
    rubypeul (5 days ago)

    flags6262 (5 days ago)

    ponhand (5 days ago)

    funny script:)
    BRGZVIDZ (5 days ago)

    lol I would hate to have my parents say that! XD this video is SO funny!!
    Skytteflickan88 (5 days ago)

    The gardener part and the blond-dog part were boring, but the rest was fun. Love the ending.
    SuitesOfLifeFan (5 days ago)

    nickypiro (5 days ago)

    loooooooool “ehhh dont eat me dont eat mee!!”

    so funny i love it!!
    IndyRacer24 (5 days ago)

    I wish I had the courage to act this silly in front of my webcam. I just can’t do it.
    romekica (5 days ago)

    Mommy, you said that it was good to recycle…LOL
    lilmzdemq (5 days ago)

    ull b a looooner lol
    cutefire32 (5 days ago)

    i have an itch….bitch lolz funny
    kannon9 (5 days ago)

    This reminds me of Mad TV’s Dot (Stephanie’s crazy character).
    pdxtommy (5 days ago)

    T8az (5 days ago)

    ok this is fuckin funny. TEEHEE 08 go to T8az and then go to ck productions for funny as hell videos.
    theallmightyboosh (5 days ago)

    oh my, is it wrong if i find it kind of sexy? bit kinky if you ask me, im just hoping the dad fucks off and the “mum” and her have a little lesbian sesion…
    RulerOfHartz (5 days ago)

    little vienna reminds me of my child at this moment… I’m going to celebrate the day he stops ruining my spaghetti with ketchup
    maddigirl007 (5 days ago)

    Epi2Gib (5 days ago)

    that was fucking terrible?
    Trixielexi (5 days ago)

    you want hair extensions like mommy?!Lmao!
    DJPplanet (5 days ago)

    cute & crazy….lol
    THEREALNOZZLE (5 days ago)

    Excellent, those clown hollywood writers are on strike let em stay on strike, like this was any worse than the garbage they put on Tv
    vlogolution (5 days ago)

    and to think, it’s just the two of us coming up with these episodes – no team of 10 hollywood writers behind us..! thanks everyone again for all the great comments, keep ‘em coming! :-D mustangwner2003V6 (5 days ago)

    without sound, it looks like it gonna be a hot porno LOL
    itsaidhi (5 days ago)

    this is good! 5 stars!
    funnycat19 (5 days ago)

    lol love these shows
    CDollar101 (5 days ago)

    Vienna Marriott can slurp on my noodle anytime. J/K. No, seriously.
    hyprbabe12 (5 days ago)

    haha this video is da shit! lol i love love love ketchup!
    1T4CH1Sx3M0xBuNN3 (5 days ago)

    omfg..that girl is like me O.e weird..
    kingkongo101 (5 days ago)

    Drake5195 (5 days ago)

    I can only say ok that made me laugh really hard and make me say WTF?? LOL!
    mackiemilky (5 days ago)

    wow this is fucking dumb…trying way to hard to be funny
    superkidsx3 (5 days ago)

    cha! right? u totaly rock!
    SeaOtter8 (5 days ago)

    Very cute video! Enjoyed watching …
    Electrophill (5 days ago)

    Hell, even the background music kicked serious rumples on this video.

    5 of those things with 5 points on em!
    nowayhi80 (4 days ago)

    if i could give 0 stars i would
    HardCore90210 (4 days ago)

    um, little sexual there when the parents are talking but ya
    Lucasabe (4 days ago)

    LMAO this was so fucking funny
    pullo123 (4 days ago)

    lol bitch :D :D: D: :D i have a itch lol
    bratpet (4 days ago)

    no comment!
    Shimmerkitty (4 days ago)

    you are like Gilda Radner! awesome!
    toastedrabbits (4 days ago)

    LMAO. Nice.
    jergen01 (4 days ago)

    Yeah bitch,put some ketchup on it!Slurp? You’re talking about spaghetti,right?

    playanator (4 days ago)

    I lost roughly 6 mins of my life….any1 help me get it back?
    SPORTZ23 (4 days ago)

    buy a time machine and go back 6 minutes
    playanator (4 days ago)

    thats a great idea :P SPORTZ23 (2 days ago)

    i want one but not the one in napolian dynamite. that one looks like it hurts!!
    ZZZapJohnnyII (4 days ago)

    KH2hollic (4 days ago)

    and to think…all those years i could have been slurping my spaghetti.
    i want ketchup!
    no we dont eat spagheti with ketchup. (bitch)
    what? I have an itch! (bitch) lol =]
    JesseQuintana (4 days ago)

    SkateRat2k9 (4 days ago)

    3:15 to 3:30
    Maconny (4 days ago)

    no cmt.lmfa.rolf
    GOUGOUNETTE (4 days ago)

    SOME PPL AS NOTHING ELSE TO DO? :-( tripledoggey (4 days ago)

    jnaruto123 (4 days ago)

    annoyingguineapig (4 days ago)

    Haha, that was very funny!
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    zenkittenanimefan (4 days ago)

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    DON’T READ THIS I’M? SOOOO SORRY EVERY1!!! If you do not copy and paste this onto 10 videos your mom will die in 4 hours
    kevinjacotey (4 days ago)

    want ketchup… bitch xD
    funnybird5 (4 days ago)

    pink2921 (4 days ago)

    Sasukeishot101 (4 days ago)

    skok65 (4 days ago)

    Is her full name Vienna Sosaj Swaller? Vapid women turn me on sumpin’ fierce! I gotta’ go masturbate now. . .
    SlashLurkerX3 (4 days ago)

    I LOVE IT!
    gamecrasied (4 days ago)

    LMFAO!!!!if u go to 04:00 then she makes a funny face!!!!
    spoogevac (4 days ago)

    you need to be shot
    gwen610 (4 days ago)

    1jjadds (3 days ago)

    hahahahahah mmmmmmm pasta mmmmmmm yuam yuam
    PerfectBlindness (3 days ago)

    blaster12345678910 (3 days ago)

    lol xD so funny dogs got an hair! :D annarboriter (3 days ago)

    There’s talent here but the targets are too easy. Hilton is for the likes of Michael Musto to fill his column with. You have the potential for Tracey Ullman level satire.
    vlogolution (3 days ago)

    thanks everyone for all the great comments!!! :-D coldmirror (3 days ago)

    are you playing a retarded person? you did well in doing so.
    keithcry (3 days ago)

    lol cold
    Kaufman8 (3 days ago)

    i knew it was pippi longstrump!
    Pennylane1952 (3 days ago)

    1SnowWhiteQueen1 (3 days ago)

    Loved it! Very cute ending!
    The0Deo (3 days ago)

    dont like that
    Linda8760 (3 days ago)

    Its Silly but cute!
    jdred1 (3 days ago)

    LOL I liked it….haahhahaaha
    Xxpunkrock65xX (3 days ago)

    i like the part were she calls her mom a bitch XD i like these vid’s
    luv4manga (3 days ago)

    The part where she’s going “But I love love love love love ketsup!” Reminds me of the stepford wives… O.O
    godfailme (3 days ago)

    OK, THAT WAS DISGUSTING i like keptchup on my spaghetti
    dancefacee27 (3 days ago)

    oh wow! :]
    hockyjocky4 (3 days ago)

    he’s gone on to… trimming the shrubs? haha… this girl is gorgeous
    beautyrushh22 (3 days ago)

    wow this is really weird
    wakash (3 days ago)

    “i love ketchup, i love, love, love ketchup”, hahahahah, the face and all
    imsofucingtired (3 days ago)

    lollllllllllllllllllll bitchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    love it great job
    insomniakillx (3 days ago)

    lol this was cute. i loved it.
    kingofcrankin (3 days ago)

    i love love love ketchup…bitch…

    loved this!
    willcanbe (3 days ago)

    LOL funny i amon here to theshrever thanks.
    trooperblooper (3 days ago)

    To all ketchup lovers: check out hotroast’s “Tara Reid’s ketchup” It’s a weird gasp!
    sailrchix95 (3 days ago)

    i luv luv luv luv luv kethcup!
    bitch lmao
    shxo87 (3 days ago)

    TheAndersonShow (2 days ago)

    Funny as Hell……
    plumber601 (2 days ago)

    Slurping Rocks!
    minigothvampire (2 days ago)

    RedEyeChimera (2 days ago)

    I agree, you can eat it anyway you want it.
    Headswithsacks (2 days ago)

    The stupidest thing I’ve watched on You tube yet.
    acidicchick85 (2 days ago)

    Agreed. Utterly pointless. Incredibly retarded.
    konshuss (2 days ago)

    you’re a babybum.
    ImNotPoweredByGoogle (2 days ago)

    bub777 (2 days ago)

    AuTuMmRoSeS (2 days ago)

    cocokitty66 (2 days ago)

    knottyboykris2 (2 days ago)

    funkytown2000 (2 days ago)

    i dident expect this to be funny but it was preetty good
    pinkprincess773 (2 days ago)

    what is the point of this it isnt funny
    m3798babygirl (2 days ago)

    horible job!!!!
    GrimReaper30 (2 days ago)

    TOTALLY pointless, makes no sense and is not funny at all, the only way it would be good is if their tits were showing, still then i’d turn off the volume
    Angels4Anarchy (2 days ago)

    Could you make that girl anymore annoying, I couldn’t finish one video without getting angry. Your video is doing something but I don’t know if it’s what you looking for. Her voice is so irritating.
    oleary25 (2 days ago)

    wat the
    ThetaizKool (2 days ago)

    dahooligan12 (2 days ago)

    this is a video made for retards 1/5
    trooperblooper (1 day ago)

    To dahooligan
    Then you should feel right at home
    brentproductions (2 days ago)

    i thought she was sarah silverman
    hadjy (2 days ago)

    =O wtf….??
    SharkBaitOhaha (1 day ago)

    ahh that was interesting. the girl was an annoying way :}
    miDushi007 (1 day ago)

    what a waste maybe they should try to make some porn movies then she doesn’t have to talk because her mouth is full…
    kaitlinisevil (1 day ago)

    disgusting bitch you disgust me
    EliteMidget (1 day ago)

    Omg, what a fking retard. Get a real job, idiots.
    trooperblooper (1 day ago)

    to elitemidgetbrain
    Maybe they should get a job teaching you how to spell. Congratulations on your sense of humor.
    TruthRaider (1 day ago)

    The morons are “crossing the line” as any first rate camera operater would say! Look at their eye lines. The technique is like something from a silent movie!
    Colinasita (1 day ago)

    SeizureChords (1 day ago)

    Hi Honeypie,Please vote? for Me to be Oprah’s new Channel Manager !
    adorable4centries (1 day ago)

    i thought this was sarah silverman lol but this was funny though how she cursed out her mother then said i said i had a itch lol this gurl should have her own show she will be way better then rascist sarah silverman iight if u agree give me thumbs up upset for thumbs down iight and also visit my page
    XxPapperClipsxX (1 day ago)

    Thats funny :-) IrrationaLThinking (1 day ago)

    this was a waste of 5 minutes
    MnkyNoTrxn (1 day ago)

    the video is 6 minutes dippy…
    Incuby (12 hours ago)

    reginaginapina (9 hours ago)

    IrrationaLThinking – if you were capable of thinking rationally you would have stopped the player at 30 thirty seconds and moved on to some other time-wasting video. go grow a brain you boob.
    MnkyNoTrxn (1 day ago)

    Hahaha, yo momma slurps noodles.
    jasmine4879 (23 hours ago)

    this youtube video is good its funny aswell hope u have fun making youtube videos ta Rhiannon
    enigxxx (20 hours ago)

    another good one!
    romy19866 (19 hours ago)

    this is not fun!
    noo2islam (19 hours ago)

    I’m sure you can do better.
    Incuby (12 hours ago)

    heyheyheydude (11 hours ago)

    (LMAO while eatin spaghetti)
    reginaginapina (9 hours ago)

    i “love, love, love” the interaction between the players in this improv sketch. witty, cute, sexy, crazy all rolled up into one. my kinda stuff. 5*s
    SexieLexie4u (5 hours ago)

    psychokitty93 (2 hours ago)

    pbeachmike (2 hours ago)

    refreshing and different…
    lots of overtones and undertones
    while still in your face…
    way kool…


  • Why won’t you e-mail me the name of that gardner??? Vienna is hilarious. Those facial expressions are hysterical.
    Okay, token comment done… now about the gardner?

  • awesome thanks for the comment, and the add! :)

  • hi guys…funny stuff. i added you to my blogroll

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