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Want to impress your ghoulfriend this Halloween by concocting your very own scary, stiff sips (insert one-eyed monster joke here)?!  Sound like your kinda kinky kooky? Then get into high spirits this long party weekend with these seriously sexy & spooky Halloween drink recipes: an Eclipse, New Moon, Bloody Brain & Bitten.

You never know, these Naughty Tipples might make terrific things go bump in the night…!

Watch Spooky Sip #1: An Eclipse Gin Cocktail

This crimson colored cocktail recipe is for imbibers who like to take it nice and berry sloe. Don’t be fooled; this tipple isn’t as obscure as its name. With ingredients like gin, sloe gin liqueur, fresh lemon juice, grenadine syrup and a juicy cherry garnish, earth’s gravitational pull will become seemingly non-existent…

Watch Spooky Sip #2: A New Moon Gin Cocktail

This glow-in-the-dark libation is a sexy spin on a traditional Gin and Tonic.  Be sure to drink with care as one too many of this concoction may send you over the moon and release your devil inside!

Watch Spooky Sip #3: A Bloody Brain Shot (a.k.a. Brain Hemorrhage)

Gross out your party guests with a Bloody Brain Shooter!  The creepy, curd-like combo of peach schnapps, Baileys Irish Cream and grenadine syrup creates a sick shot of crazy to the old noggin.  WARNING: Side effects may include cranial hemorrhaging, psychotic episodes and some serious morning-after veisalgia!

Watch Spooky Sip #4: A Bitten Mocktail

This spooky sip is for vampire fans of all ages! Get ready to become smitten with a naughty yet nice non-alcoholic tipple named Bitten.

Yeah, sure, it’s a kiddie cocktail but don’t let this blood red beverage fool you. She has a sassy yet sweet bite and is loaded with health benefits thanks to her pomegranate juice and hydrating coconut water. For you imbibers who enjoy a more boozy beverage, spike this modern Shirley Temple with some rum or vodka (or both!). Now drain this doozy of a drink dry and enjoy. Muah-ha-ha!!!

Remember to revel responsibly!

Watch the “Halloween Drink Recipes & Cocktails Playlist” on YouTube.

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